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  1. Re: What really happened to Project Camelot: an interview by Mel Fabregas

    Great conversation & interview - it really clarified many things I and probably many many others have been wondering about for quite some time. Especially on the "Dr. Rubbish" situation; he had...
  2. Poll: Re: Is Charles Material correct or incorrect? Could that affect credibility Avalon fo

    I fully agree with you, they have the ability to artificially cause earthquakes - as far as I knew they have had it since the mid 80s (I´m right now reading the Posts you recommend). And of course...
  3. Poll: Re: Is Charles Material correct or incorrect? Could that affect credibility Avalon fo

    I would personally recommend not to put so much belief in Benjamin’s Information – as he seems to be living in his very own reality in my view (please consider just for example the things he said...
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    Re: Synchronicity, Numerology and Signs.

    With regards to Synchronicity one might also take a look at the phenomenon of Serendipity - it basically deals with the probabilities of finding useful information within a random set of books,...
  5. Poll: Re: Is Charles Material correct or incorrect? Could that affect credibility Avalon fo

    Thanks for this interesting update qbeac!

    From my own experience in the field of computer science I happen to know this type of software to be operational since the early 2000s (roughly for 8...
  6. Thread: Heather etc.

    by schnurfel

    Re: Heather etc.

    I guess beeing one of most effective in the alternative comunity one just has it comming to oneself... :)
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    Re: The eternal beauty of human potential

    I have experienced the same, if you truly trust the positive outcome of a situation; you will never come up empty. It has always worked for me and it seems to me that one can help even others in this...
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    Re: Expanding Earth

    I could imagine that Tesla was referring to the hydrogen atom - it seems to have more ground states than was previously thought/calculated, it therefore could be made to release additional energy....
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    Re: Is this becoming the all Charles forum

    Reading all of the posts above, I as a newbie to the forum (but alternative & Camelot/Avalon-Vet.) can´t help myself but think that all of this hassle was somehow contrived before, maybe even by the...
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    Re: What will happen in 2012?

    Political, military and alien events may well be staged to cope with the possible consequences of a natural event, which yielded a big impact on the economy or the geopolitical chess board. PTB...
  11. Re: Chinese "ROSWELL" Event-XiaoShan Airport UFO

    Regarding those amazing videos, I can´t help it but think that the second UFO has a certain earthly machinelike touch to it. - The first however looks like some kind of a plasma phenomenon leaving...
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    Re: Free Your Mind

    I wonder why he left out the blank...

    might just be another "clue" leading to nothing or maybe his genius left him on that :smash:
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    Re: Free Your Mind

    Yes, I know: there are only 10 types of people in the world: the ones who do see and the ones who do not... :rolleyes:
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