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  1. Re: David Wilcock update 19 June 2016: Full Disclosure and Ascension - The War Has Gone Hot!

    Dear friends, I guess I am not going to waste my time on that one. I skip...

    Positive side of my stopping by is: At least due to TigaHawk and Bill´s comment I expanded my ENG vocabulary.
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    Re: The Impermanence of All Things

    Ha ha :D, exactly, no you are talking. Bill, I could not stand that one... I guess that hat is more part of you than back pack (at least for us here).

    Nice area for hiking btw. Those pics inspire...
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    Re: Our experience with Simon Parkes as a counselor

    Simon is just human as we are. Let´s be not judgemental. He brought a lot of valuable info to us. I give him credit for that one. Some of that may resonate with us, some of that not, since some...
  4. Re: JFK Case Reopened? - Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

    I have my doubts....
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    Re: High frequency vibrations

    Hello my friend. Thank you for sharing. I sense the clicking in my brain too. It is really physical. Loud. Mostly it comes during my meditation routine. I don´t pay too much attention to that though....
  6. Re: Paris Attack, multiple locations, 132 dead, 349 injured, 17 remaining in critical condition (13 Nov 2015)

    I understand your idea, there might be anything behind that event, we cannot disregard that, hard to say who knows what really happened yesterday, what is the aim of it, however, I cannot lough....
  7. Re: Paris Attack, multiple locations, 132 dead, 349 injured, 17 remaining in critical condition (13 Nov 2015)

    No you are not. I had the same strange feeling about a prompt US President's reaction. My first thought which came was "...uff it was quite fast...".

    (I followed events as they were unfolding...
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    Re: Don't Date An Abductee

    100% agreed. :highfive:
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    Re: John Lennon's 75th Birthday

    John, we miss you down here. Happy birthday. :-)


  10. Re: Doctors Without Borders was attacked by US forces on October 3rd

    [/QUOTE] i agree it was a tragic mistake.[/QUOTE]

    It was not mistake with all that available technology on board of military crafts and precision to hit targets with less than meter accuracy.
  11. Re: Using video games to prepare humanity for disclosure?

    Never played any games. Total layman of this subject. I don´t have any attraction for it what so ever. Especially amount of violence discourages me event to think of playing.

    However, are there...
  12. Poll: Re: If ETs showed up at your door today, are you ready to leave?

    what if you could read their minds and see they had a planet like Earth to bring you to?

    uninhabited, animals are being brought there on another Ark[/QUOTE]

    I would have no reason to believe...
  13. Re: For or Against accepting refugees from Syria??

    Couple of points observed recent days (excerpts) nothing philosophical though poor facts:

    "Refugees" escaping war atrocities complain is too boring to be in Finland since there are no people in...
  14. Re: Syrian Refugee Crisis Nazi 4th Reich Social Engineering

    Indeed, who orchestrate that is the right question?

    And again correct on why "airstrikes" are not effective?

    Let´s see on results of next elections in most of EU countries after that migrants...
  15. Re: Syrian Refugee Crisis Nazi 4th Reich Social Engineering

    Of course, there are also some children and women among migrants, however, what I have seen on my own eyes the crowds illegally crossing borders of European countries are mostly young men... I...
  16. Re: For or Against accepting refugees from Syria??

    I am working currently at Balkans. I can see when travelling around large groups of migrants here since there is one of these 2 main routes which they use here. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds...
  17. Re: For or Against accepting refugees from Syria??

    Majority of so called refugees are not really war refugees. They are mostly economical migrants who seek for advantages of social system and benefits in EU countries. There is a clear legislation...
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    Re: My Friend needs prayers now!

    Brian, don't give up. Keep going. What is a challenge today, tomorrow will be only passed experience which you even don't remember . Sending my , Love and Peace.

    Hugs from Pilgrim.
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    I wonder what about people who are involved in these programs whet they really think they do. What about their consciousness?

    The budget for such a program must be enormous. How can they hide...
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