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  1. Re: New Death Threats for David Wilcock [sorry, a recycling of a Dec. 15, 2011 video]

    If this is old news, maybe the mods can delete this thread?

    I received it at 3 a.m. and was not awake enough to notice. I did think for a moment that it was a coincidence that it came out just as...
  2. New Death Threats for David Wilcock [sorry, a recycling of a Dec. 15, 2011 video]

    Here is a partial interview posted early this morning like an emergency bulletin. David Wilcock, who can barely speak coherently here ~ says he's received death threats.

    We have been down this...
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    Re: Migraine - preventive medication?

    My youngest daughter has had terrible migraines for years. She's 34 years old and used to do the "dark room technique" for pain relief. It was very difficult to find a solution although she tried...
  4. Re: These things I hold to be self-evident (of Bastards, Jesuits, Jews, and Babylonians)

    Bravo, Paul ~ I am impressed by your thoughtful article. It fairly shouts an eloquence that has brightened my day significantly.

    Many thanks for taking the time to write it and share your...
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    Re: Planet X/Nibiru/Tyche/Hercolobus/Elenin

    I have heard but cannot verify more gloom and doom about Planet X/Nibiru is coming from Alex Collier.

    Anyone listening to his radio interviews these days?

    At present we are snowbound and...
  6. Re: [Hoaxed 'confession'] Stanley Kubrick Confesses to faking Moon Landings

    In 2011, Stanley's wife told in great detail how he had filmed the fake Moon landing. Some very credible information can be found here (see link below) backing it up as well.

    While I am happy to...
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    Re: Censor for truthers on Facebook

    Facebook is not a joke for everyone. I have about 45 family members and another 40 old childhood friends who keep in touch through FB. We don't communicate much by email anymore but it is fun to see...
  8. Re: San Bernardino, CA Mass Shooting, 2 Dec 2015

    Notice that DRILLS were being performed during this latest incident. Seems to be a common ploy to these False Flag operations.

    Such distractions are needed to keep people off balance and fearful,...
  9. Re: Significant Keshe Foundation public announcements

    Since I live in a forest in Northern Idaho without adequate wifi ~ I am hoping someone will at least post a synopsis.

    So far Keshe's inventions seem very esoteric and I have a hard time imagining...
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    Re: Did the Pope really say this?

    To my knowledge, Pope Francis has NEVER said anything about ordaining women nor of the possibility one might ever become Pope.

    I did read that he is taking out a couple of the ten commandments...
  11. Re: Strongest Hurricane Ever recorded! (Patricia, 23 Oct 2015, Mexico)

    Thought this was worth considering:

    Final answer at the end of the day: There WAS NO HURRICANE

    UPDATE from Jim Stone: ...
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    Re: The drone papers

    Assassinations R US.

    These are important papers. They represent "crimes against humanity" using drones with no need for criminal charges, judge, jury or executioner.

    Truly, a lethal game; a...
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    Re: The Russian Agenda

    MSM is certainly painting Russia with the most damaging brush but I don't think it will do any good in the end. During the Iraq war when US news came from "embedded" reporters who could not write a...
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    Re: My Husband

    Hi, Selina ~

    My younger brother had that same operation and came out just fine. He is doing great.
    May Angels watch over your husband and guide the hands of his surgeons and nurses.
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    Re: 14th Anniversary 9/11 questions

    Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK and Israel As Being the Actual 9/11 Terrorist

    It's possible the Russians can fill in some of the gaps. I thought this might be a good addition to what we...
  16. Re: If it is war they want, it is war they shall have ... in the Middle East

    It is hard to believe the US is taking this ISIS tact when they are so over-extended in other countries creating and waging "civil wars." Like Americans are never going to see the patterns and...
  17. Re: Has all the music been part of the 'plan' of the cabal?

    This is a great thread. Thanks to everyone participating in it. As a young woman, I was an observer during those times and lived in close proximity to Laurel Canyon. This was not, however, my scene...
  18. Re: The Guts and the Glory of the Georgia Guidestones

    The thing about these guide stones ~ the "deal breaker" are items 1 & 2. These two are nothing but a call for genocide and no decent person would sanction such a thing under any circumstance. The...
  19. Re: US Government shutdown, Tuesday Oct 1, 2013

    Everything you need to know about how a government shutdown works...

    My note: The question in my mind is what will happen if these clowns don't agree on at least some basics. So I was glad to...
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    Re: Trucker's Strike

    On Facebook and in real life, I have about 45 trucker friends and none of them had heard of this strike (when I asked them) nor are they planning to participate in it ~ now that they know.

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