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  1. Re: Siri: The Symbolism of Inversion - The Symbols That Speak To You

    Interesting. I've been saying for quite awhile "It's Opposite Day" so this makes perfect sense to me.

    When I had an iPhone, I turned Siri OFF.

    I used to hide my eyes from cameras all around...
  2. Re: Why Operation Jade Helm is freaking out the Internet ?

    There are many Light pillars that are far more powerful than the seemingly forceful nefarious agendas and actions of usurped authority. It seems to me that the u.n. Is the central organizing factor...
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    Re: Healing from Morgellons dis-ease ?

    Yes, I will try the bath.
    I haven't seen any fibers.

    (Sorry about the delay -- limited access to the Internet.)

    Everyone can be a healer. I've done some aura healings and energy work. I...
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    Re: And THAT's how they all died...

    I like the sense of empowerment in many of these posts on this thread. The ability to OVERCOME is prevalent.

    Spirit is Essential Wisdom when we are connected to the all with GoodWill.

    All have...
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    Re: Healing from Morgellons dis-ease ?

    It seems that's what I have. Self/friend diagnosed, so not sure. However, if so, from the list, I can say that the first 3 are true and most of the other ones, too. No military or helipcopter...
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    Re: Energy Vampires/Psychic Attacks?

    Yes. I felt the same energy on Sunday. There seems to be a full moon correlation. Your post is helping me to grasp what is happening.

    I'm doing energy transmutation for my own field, but the...
  7. Sticky: Re: Message Board: Avalonians Request Our Help

    Already healed. Already healed. Already healed. With compassionate Love and Gratitude that it is done. Thank you, Precious Spirit!!!

    I'll look forward to hearing the good news. I trust that.
  8. Re: South Carolina shooting: Policeman Michael Slager charged with murder after video shows him firing eight times at back of fleeing black man Walter Scott

    The truth is, from my personal experience, police are abusing their power. It appears that they are harming people all over the country.

    They get a false confidence by getting away with so much...
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    Re: More Brave Cops

    Yes! We apparently really need to film police more for ourselves and all of our fellow human beings. I was abused by police myself, and if it weren't for the video I took, they would be getting away...
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    Re: Question about visualization

    Visualization works!

    Here's a real life story...I was NOT creating consciously, on purpose, yet.

    I was a teacher walking my students back to class after lunch. A few were being particularly...
  11. Re: An important petition that you might want to sign

    [QUOTE=AriG;942465]I received this in my inbox a few moments ago.
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    Re: Injustice!!

    I think it's a great idea. It IS an opinion. I'm a teacher, too, and I give you an A!!

    In addition, the restaurants could provide information about foods and their specific benefits....
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    Re: Avatars, every one of us


    I recently read a book by Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox called "The Physics of Angels"

    I highly recommend it. Photons and angels share a lot of qualities and...
  14. Re: Natural telepathy and the Theory of Consciousness

    It is my intuitive impression that this natural ability will rebound as we shift.

    An actual spontaneous experience occurred about a year ago. First thing in the morning befor words were spoken, my...
  15. Re: Are you unhappier now since your "awakening"?

    Oh, awakening mom, I'm so glad you started this thread.

    I was spiritually awakened at a young age, but the truth awareness information flooded into my life Around 2007. I watched Kerry and Bill...
  16. Re: Police Brutality - Avalon member Standing for TRUTH

    If I hadn't lost my publisher, I would be sending out many books to aid the cause of TruthLove.

    But soon...

    Following the flow on that.

    You all have helped a lot through homelessness,...
  17. Re: Police Brutality - Avalon member Standing for TRUTH

    "BAM! Accountability. It's time." Couldn't have said it better.

    Thank you, Michelle, for stepping into a place that many would think twice about. Much appreciation for your on-going tenacity and...
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    Re: Sorry Avalon...


    Sending lots of love and grace and appreciation to you. Your warm heart is felt deeply here.

    I don't know what to say other than I sure appreciate your presence on this forum and I care...
  19. Re: Police Brutality - Avalon member Standing for TRUTH


    This gets to the heart of the matter. People have got to understand that the purpose of the police is not to protect and serve the public or keep the peace. Their purpose is nothing...
  20. Re: Police Brutality - Avalon member Standing for TRUTH


    Thank you so much, Paula.

    In the cover letter my atty. writes: "In these days before Ferguson and other police misconduct actions it appears that officers maintained an attitude that...
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