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  1. Re: The US Vaccine issue is more than just about "the Shots", it is about totalitarian tiptoe

    This video explains something I always wondered about, which was,
    "Why the heck did they rip out the tonsils routinely in the 50's and 60's children, but then quietly reverse the practice?" ...
  2. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    So, Sam, by your own logic, it would then be okay for just about any nation state in the Middle East and several in the Far East to assassinate George W. Bush, Barack Obama or Donald Trump ─ or any...
  3. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    Thank you for clarifying the purpose of this thread.

    Because I have been reading so many different points of view in this thread, I had missed it's purpose was to prove a point.

    I thought it...
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    Re: Uptick in human trafficking and disappearances

    Out of curiosity, did anyone here ever actually know someone who went missing?
    (I never have)
  5. Re: 20 Predictions of 2020, how I sense it now 31-12-2019

    It seemed rather creepy when Clif High twittered about January 10th here: January 10th

    I also noticed that January 10th is Whisper's Wolf Moon.

    So on a whim, I searched "January 10th" date in...
  6. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    I wouldn't know for sure, but sure feels like more of the same old perpetual war games. Might help to stop focusing on the figureheads, like we always tend to do.
  7. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    For all we know, he isn't even dead. The orchestrations can run deep. I try not to get drawn into the "squawking" anymore. (Been duped too often in the past)
    Blessings back PainterDoug
  8. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    Can someone explain to me what Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force, was doing in Iraq?
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    Re: Absurdities of a creation like this...

    I rather love the absurdity of it all.
    I suspect Source Intelligence has High humor.
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    Re: Our health is at stake...

    On a positive note, I have been noticing slow changes in thinking, and the positive effects of such.

    For one thing, sales of certain items are dropping, like soda pop, and aspartame.
  11. Thread: Celebrity Crushes

    by Ayt

    Re: Celebrity Crushes

    Silly thread! LOL

    I admit to having a crush on Braveheart. Not Mel Gibson per se, but Braveheart. haha

    I always kind of crushed Kris Kristofferson, too. Guess I'm drawn to the rugged...
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    Re: Anyone else doubt the Chemtrail Conspiracy?

    Thought I'd post Miles Mathis' take on the chemtrail subject. He takes it down to a simple explanation of greed and corruption with disregard for consequences. Just another theory for our...
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    Re: The Rosicrucian Order

    I believe I downloaded a book from the Avalon Library by Clymer Swinburne. (I saved it as a pdf on my computer.) "The Son of God and the The Mystical Teachings of the Masters, 1916."
    Reading it,...
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    Sticky: Re: Interesting Free Books in PDF

    Beyond the Drug Experience
    By Robert S. de Ropp
    Free PDF
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    Re: Considering Language

    I've remember pondering on that word actually, de-light, when I read this quote:

    Not sure I want to be de-lighted.
  16. Re: How To Recognize An Energy Vampire and What To Do About It

    I have a little tool that I believe has helped when I have found myself in these types of situations. I get in my state, and kind of scan myself for attachments (which rather look like tentacles or...
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    Re: I Think I Saw A UFO (Finally)

    I had the same thing happen to me last night while standing in my yard, RunningDear. I was kind of in an alpha state, just gazing at the sky, when a white flash very near me to my right made me jump...
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    Re: The Knights Templar backstory of Friday the 13th

    I am bumping this post because today is Friday the 13th, and I was exploring the origin or this superstition. I found this post here on PA, and it makes as much sense as any to me.
    Does anyone...
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    Re: Boss, Chief, Buddy, Etc.

    Maybe it depends on how ingrained one's viewpoint is in our societal structure regarding the "pecking order" value of an individual as to how we react to these greetings?
    (just pondering)
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    In her written testimony, victim Virginia Giuffre did state that Epstein paid for 12-year-old twin girls. I would say that does qualify him as a pedophile right there.
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