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  1. Re: Prince Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals

    I'm agreeing with pretty much all of what you've stated on this thread thus far Chris.

    That piece was written to stir controversy, as most editorial's these days are -- rants from angry right or...
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    Re: Sucking Plasma from the Sun

    The space game / simulator "Elite: Dangerous" allows you to scoop plasma from stars for refueling your ship.

  3. Re: Scientists Heard Plants Produce Loud Screams When Damaged!

    Next time, thank them for their nutritiousness and deliciousness before you thrust them into your roasting oven or into boiling water![/QUOTE]

    More importantly, this should be done for all...
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    I watched a star vanish from my very eyes once. It was big, fairly bright and red - it caught my attention, but really just looked like a star. My attention became fixed on this one star for several...
  5. Re: The first Chinese time traveller on the internet

    The ability to give an answer to every question does not mean the ability to know all the answers. It is like if I am asked a question, I can always search on the internet and return an answer,...
  6. Re: The first Chinese time traveller on the internet

    The thing that always gets me with these types of "interviews" is that the "time traveler" or whoever, never doesn't know the answer to a question. There's never a "I don't know about that topic", no...
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    Re: How thought becomes reality

    I've been thinking 2019 towards the end is a lot of change and weird **** happening ... definitely in line with a required change ...
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    Re: Where do you get your news?

    Facebook memes seem to be where most people get their news from these days ...
    Sorry, I'm having a "disappointed with humanity" moment, its been like that for me for the last few weeks ... :)
  9. Re: Prince Andrew to step back from public duties after 'car crash' Epstein interview

    You forgot the air quotes around "killed himself" ... :)
  10. Re: Aftershock: The Ancient Cataclysm That Erased Human History (the book by Brien Foerster)

    Heat damage might indicate an event from the sun that precedes the "cataclysms" (plasma burst, that potentially disrupts the magnetic field enough to "unlock" the crust)

    Mammoths and many other...
  11. Re: Aftershock: The Ancient Cataclysm That Erased Human History (the book by Brien Foerster)

    Thanks for clearing that up Chris ... For moment I was in horror thinking that you had been converted!!! :shocked: ;) ;)

    The overall topic is super interesting though and people should be more...
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    Re: The Great Quotes thread

    "Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible nature; Unaware that the nature he is destroying is the God he is worshiping." -- Hubert Reeves
  13. Thread: Cicada 3301

    by DeDukshyn

    Re: Cicada 3301

    Maybe its a modern version of a shortwave "numbers station"? (which are interestingly still in use BTW - interestingly enough).
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    Re: Just wondering

    To follow up with Greybeard's opening sentence: "You need Subject And Object to Experience Ron."

    I read this mini-book once, written by the author of the "Dilbert" comic, called "God's Debris"
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    Re: CO2 is greening the earth

    Well its not "greening" the earth because other human activities are destroying forests, jungles and wetland, far faster than can be replenished. The only way the CO2 will "green" the earth is by...
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    Food for Thought:

    Most of the Le Creuset cookware is enameled cast iron and comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Is enameled cast iron safe?

    Enameled cast iron cookware is healthy and safe...
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    Smokers are awesome, I wish I still had mine. Even if one is vegetarian, adding a little smoke to vegetables also yields fantastic results.
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    It's pressure cooking with the ultimate convenience, plus it slow cooks quite well, works a s rice cooker, and has a saute mode, so you can easily brown to your hearts content before pressure cooking...
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    Re: Global Warming, Global Cooling or.. ??

    Same here ... miserable Canadian winters ... (even though technically fall just started, winter can start at any moment mid-october in many places in Canada). We've already had several large dumps of...
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    Re: Is all this so...YESTERDAY?

    I think it was Ekhart Tolle who said something like (heavily paraphrased):

    "Do we need suffering? Yes and No. Suffering is required to bring us to the point of understanding the nature of it being...
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