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  1. Re: DJT on YouTube: This may be the most important speech I've ever made....

    Thanks for fixing the title.

    The video was released earlier today and is Donald Trump explaining the election fraud.

    He is a little repetitive, but I managed to listen to all of it. It is...
  2. DJT on YouTube: This may be the most important speech I've ever made....

    3hrs ago from the time of this post


    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    DHT? I meant DJT sorry!
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    Ten Rules for Truth-seeking

    This probably doesnt apply to most people here in terms of telling you anything you dont already know.

    The interesting fact is that this kind of thinking is becoming more mainstream.
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    Re: A meditation sequence

    I have updated the sequence to include "I live in a world where the truth is known by all"

    I hope I live to see that world, or at least its emergence.
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    Re: From Stillness into a Trump Victory

    I support creating an outcome in which the truth is known by all.
  6. US Election 2020: Do Americans Believe there was Malarkey?

    I follow this guy, Academic Agent. He does a rigorous overview of public polling data, this time on the question regarding the question of if the election was fair:


    Maybe people are...
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    Re: Meritocracy: an alternative to Democracy?

    What measures of merit will apply?

    If you set the merit bar really low - for example being a citizen of the state in which the election is taking place and being over 18, there isn't much...
  8. Thread: The Law of One

    by Anchor

    Re: The Law of One

    @Inversion : Brilliant summary. I like it!
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    Re: I'm closed down but snapping


    I know nothing about you or the circumstances of your life except what I have read on this thread.

    I do want to say something, but it will necessarily be general.

    Your mind,...
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    Re: You are not losing it - everything is changing

    This is a bump of a pretty old thread - again - and I hope it is ok.

    You can probably discern or measure a quickening of progress in the changes happening over the last 9-10 years since I started...
  11. Re: "Preparations Have Already Begun": David Icke on Agenda2030


    And he is right. It will work out in the end.

    We are humans becoming.

    We are shaking off the limitations and impositions bit by bit.
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    Re: The possible end of Above Top Secret

    I never visited that site and therefore wont miss it in the slightest.

    As the world changes, some of the older structures are bound to crumble away and make way for the new.
  13. Re: Help me decide my treatment (3 July update: sadly, Warren Light has now passed)


    May the process of slipping free from the fetters that bind us all to life, be as easy for you as it can be.

    You are surrounded by the love and the light of us all.
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    Re: The Five Tibetan Rites

    I have been practicing the Tibetan 5 rites ever since I learned about them from the book written by Peter Kelder

    I wrote a bit about my experience here.
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    Re: What did you do today to prepare for COVID-19 ?

    So, for today, I'm working from home this week as part of a social distancing initiative.

    Social distancing for me is easy as I am the CEO of antisocial. And anyway people that fight in...
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    Re: What did you do today to prepare for COVID-19 ?

    I reviewed my already existing plans, checked how long everything had left, and said to myself: "Good job Anchor".

    I did top up the fuel I have in the shed, but that is not really part of my plan,...
  17. Re: Time to stop the unnatural manipulation of the weather.

    I wish to report that since a couple of weeks post this initiative till now, I have seen no identifiable "chemtrails".

    Also as you may know the weather in Australia did a stunning turn about,...
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    Re: What did you do today to prepare for COVID-19 ?

    COVID-19 is a devious name for flu designed to make it sound a lot worse than it is. This one can cause SARS type symptoms and you don't really want them if you can avoid it.

    The COVID-19 is a...
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    Those of you partial to reading channeled information may be interested in this one
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    The arson theory is being debunked quite heavily. ABC did an article this morning crunching the numbers, the most likely cause seems to be dry lightning.

    The dry lightning theory is the most...
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