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  1. Re: Substantial debunking articles on Gordon Duff and Veterans Today

    He is probably overlooking the fact that our bovine excrement detection systems have gotten a massive upgrade after years of continuous bullsh!tting from both the altmed and the msm, its just not...
  2. Re: One more try - Discussion of the pros and cons of RHP and LHP within the context of the supplied definition

    That was funny ( rest of comment removed to save the life of a bunny)
  3. Re: Outer Is Inner / Inner is Outer : How All Is Related, & Esoterically Creating Your Reality


    Which sounds like a really good common sense proposition! Or is it?

    What is “really” “out there,” outside of your personal consciousness, existing independently of the ability of...
  4. Re: A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG)

    Yep, it is, and there always are agendas, not uncommon at all, I have not met a single person who did not have at least one.
  5. Re: A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG)

    Friendly people in survival mode can be just as bad and nasty as the unfriendly ones, why would this be any different in AI, pragmatic horses are transportation too eh.
  6. John Draper (Captain Crunch), must listen

    You can listen to the whole interview or for the best part from minute 27.

    Who is John Draper ( Captain Crunch)

    •Mr. Draper developed one of the first word-processing programs as well as the...
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    Re: Geodesic dome house.

    Are you putting in a roll of barbed wire for rebar before you start pouring the concrete/cement?
  8. Re: MMS - tasteless and odourless. the new CDS (chlorine dioxide solution)

    Yay, my annoying noisy lab vid is still here, almost forgot all about it, lol, I am watching it again.
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    A Noble Lie

    The 1995 (April 19th) bombing in Oklahoma City was a direct blow to the heart of America. 168 people were killed, including nineteen children. For those watching the nightly news, terrorism had come...
  10. Re: My Music for Free :) (With a new song I just made not long ago)

    Lol, you need merchandise too bro, I'd buy a t shirt with your logo in a heartbeat:cool:
  11. Re: Citizen Pulls Cop Over, Gives Warning.

    Stopping an officer in Ephrata WA for driving an illegal unmarked car. Learn more here:

    This is was one of the officers involved in the courthouse video earlier this year:...
  12. Re: "The Disclosure War" - David Wilcock Oct. 24, 2014

    Could this be one of the reasons the silver solution to Ebola is suppressed, to hide the fact that they hardly have any silver left in the west to produce it, saying it doesn't work is an outstanding...
  13. Re: How Black Magic Is Controlling Humanity & What To Do About It

    No they are not, they are excellent, they are the basis of energy flows where attention goes, that's magic right there for you, the quality and intention of thoughts determine the quality of the...
  14. Sue Aikens, Life below zero

    LOL, she's awesome.

    Sue Aikens is a woman living in Kavik, 197 miles North of the Arctic Circle in extreme isolation. Her motto is "If it hurts, don't think about it." Check out on the new season...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford 10-6-14

    What's your perspective on that, I am being curious here.
  16. The Art of Manliness, benefits of cold showers

  17. Re: Eradication verso Depopulation

    You do, and the dream is correct.

  18. Re: THE ULTIMATE PLAN (a fairy story... maybe)

    If they could manipulate time that easy and traversing it means that little to them it is also very easy to abandon a project and start a new one, just as fast and just as easy and all they would...
  19. Re: THE ULTIMATE PLAN (a fairy story... maybe)

    For some reason this made me smile in a bitter way, what makes you think source and the universe will not let them get away with their crimes, it seems that the universe and source allowed many...
  20. Bp podcast 160, Leanne Venier, supersenses, biophotonics, light spectrum


    Leanne Venier is an international award-winning artist, engineer, scientist, and an expert in the science of color and light therapy. She serves as Director of Outreach for the...
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