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  1. Re: Why Are the Bankers and Ex-Intel Types Running For Their Lives? (Confirmed for MONTHS by my vanishing sources)

    The bus is coming, one way or the other! Linked to an important Point of View from someone in the know.
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    Re: How to reduce the human population ???

    Hi Bill,
    "Already apparently on the way to that, the oceans and forests are dead or dying, and in the sixth mass extinction since the life began on earth, we're losing hundreds of species every day:...
  3. Thread: Hollow earth

    by Tantauri

    Re: The Hollow Earth

    You can't have too many people of below average anything. Average is average. 50% above, 50% below.

    It's a self-referential joke because most people read it and then nod sagely and agree. But the...
  4. Re: Zimmerman Murder Case Acquittal- May lead to "Martial Law"

    There are over 14,000 murders a year or 40 a day in the USA. In approximately half of those the victim is a Black male between the ages of 17-29. Most importantly, in those with black victims, 90% of...
  5. Re: Q and A about Ron Hubbard, Bill Robertson, Scientology, the Free Zone and Ron's Org

    Dear Friends,

    I can personally vouch for two more. Both have years of valuable experience and are quite capable. They have withstood multiple personal attacks from the Church. A sure sign that...
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    Re: Ray Bradbury has passed...

    I had the honor of meeting Ray Bradbury very briefly many years ago. He was a gentleman, a beautifully, poetic writer, not just a sci-fi writer. He spoke fiercely in favor of freedom and in...
  7. Re: A warning from benevolent ETs about our future - over 60 years ago

    [/SIZE]Scientology processing. Not regression or hypnosis. A very sharp, clean and and clear ‘knife’ that (in ethical and well-trained hands) cuts through absolutely anything.

    But this...
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    Re: Hoaglands take on YU55 Nov 9th onwards...

    I personally know of two ET's incarnating here to help our cause. It is useful to remember that ETs are spiritual beings the same as us who just happened to have been inhabiting a body on a different...
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    Re: Confused - Where do I go?

    If you can, attend one of Bill and Inelia's sessions.
    Read Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health.
    Relax, in the long run you will be fine and find that which you seek. Try to view your...
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    Re: Pre-empting disclosure

    Raising consciousness IS the solution. When people know what's going on and how they have been kept in the dark they will be initially shocked and angry and rightly so.
    We as a small group cannot...
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    Re: The Inelia thread

    Oops. Sorry, meant to clip the long quote from Bill, but then again it is worth a second (or third) read if you haven't already.
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    Re: The Inelia thread

    Dear Bill,
    Great job on providing a concise and very clear explanation to a quite complicated and complex topic.
    One thing I might add is that the joy, love and 'state of mind" of the cook can...
  13. Re: Glass-Steagall Bill Re-Introduced Into Congress

    It certainly is. The Federal Reserve has been monetizing the debt, thereby decreasing the value of the American dollar. That's why commodities increased 30% in value after the Nov. 2010 election...
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    Re: Incarnation, choice and the TPTB

    The short answer is that some of us do not have control over where we re-incarnate and some of us who do choose to return here for what we can learn and to fight the good fight. Earth is like New...
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    Re: Reincarnation - alternative views

    Dear Manny,
    Those are all excellent questions. As Bill has said, think of life as a game started long ago with the same purpose as any game; Fun, amusement, challenge and with an overall goal of...
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    Re: Tell Your Reincarnation Story Here

    Thank you, Bill and
    Speaking of going from East to West………….
    I have always had an affinity for most things Asian. Books, movies, music, pictures of that part of the world created a peace and a...
  17. Re: Bill and Kerry at the 2011 Phoenix UFO Congress


    You're funny, shybastid. :biggrin:

    Here's what I posted yesterday: link

    Not sure if there was anything you'd consider really new? Hopefully others more versed in UFO/ET...
  18. Re: Who wants to meet up in AZ between 2/23 and 2/27 (UFO Congress)?

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like fun. Can't wait. My daughter and I will be there at lunchtime on Saturday looking for you (and hopefully many others) and your terrific sign.
  19. Thread: TO: Bill Ryan

    by Tantauri

    Re: TO: Bill Ryan

    All the best to you this and every day.
    With admiration and respect and gratitude.
  20. Re: Who wants to meet up in AZ between 2/23 and 2/27 (UFO Congress)?

    Hi Inelia. I plan to have a table during all the lunch breaks. Not as sure about the evening times. Looking forward to meeting you and other Avalonians, too! :wave:[/QUOTE]

    I plan to drive to...
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