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  1. Re: Native American Sites and the Great Pyramid of Giza

    Rahkyt, Good to see you again. I think Native Americans were eminently capable of achieving this level of technical ability. From a practical perspective it looks as if they developed these skills a...
  2. Native American Sites and the Great Pyramid of Giza

    Here's some info about some amazing spatial relationships between the Great Pyramid of Giza, Newark Earthworks, Serpent Mound, The Aztec Sunstone, Teotihuacan and more. This geographic scheme seems...
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    Re: Cort Lindahl on Red Ice Radio

    Who is this knucklehead? Things point at each other? No way.
  4. Re: Best wishes as always to BILL RYAN who is celebrating his birthday today!

    Happy Birthday Bro. Do something special. -Cort
  5. Re: A claimed list of all the FEMA camps in America

    I was traveling not long ago in NE California near where one of these is supposed to be. It is the site of a former Japanese internment camp during WWII. It was not a 'FEMA camp.' They have built a...
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    Cort Lindahl on Red Ice Radio

    Here's me, David Truman, and John Kale having a roundtable discussion about geomancy and occult architecture on Red Ice Radio. Discussed are recent discoveries, the Geomancy of South America, and The...
  7. Re: BREAKING: Reports Coming In That David Wilcock Has Ascended!!!

    If he's ascended how is he supposed to make money anymore? We are going to miss you greasy spoon diner dude. Happy Trails...............
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    Re: In memory of John Lennon

    A sad day indeed. I remember getting the 'Double Fantasy' album that Christmas.
  9. Re: David Wilcock (again) - why I had issues with David

    Are we actually wasting another entire thread with everyone's energy with this guy?! This guy a few months ago was telling us to believe "Drake" and "Fulford." How did that turn out for everyone? Now...
  10. Re: CNN Article Bashes the Growing Number of People That Question Mass Media

    Hey. The fact that they are even responding to people with different views than what they are peddling shows how much they have been PUNKED AND OWNED. Their grip on our psyche is crumbling. Their...
  11. Re: The Project Camelot / TruTV pilot episode : SHADOW OPERATIONS - The Mars Project

    I thought the show was entertaining.

    Obviously the staged portions and the so called 'reality' style of the show are not good IMHO. I notice they use the same production techniques on the show...
  12. Re: Russell Means' passage to the Great Spirit 22 October 2012

    He will be remembered for never pulling any punches and always speaking the truth. He was a tireless fighter for freedom for everyone.
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    Perfect timing with the election coming up. I guess its possible that he's going to say he found out the birth certificate is authentic as well. I guess we'll see. Trump is no dummy.

    I think that...
  14. Re: The Inauthentic Spirituality of the Alternative Scene

    Well said and well written. Hang in there. Knowing what is going on is a large part of the solution.
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    Re: Hey Sexy Lady - Woop-em Gangnam Style..:)

    Hilarious. This meme just hit me yesterday and I hadn't seen your post yet. What a bunch of silly fun for everyone. It reminds me of the 'rick rolled' craze a few years ago. Gangnam style rules.
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    Re: Chi machines

    Chi is like the letter X in Greek. It makes the K or Ch sound. It is part of the Labarum symbol that Constantine adapted as the first sign of Christianity. It is also symbolic of the masculine '^'...
  17. Re: Fireball Reports Coming in Across the US 10/17 10:00 PM PT

    I've heard of cases where they hit a house and car someone was in.
  18. Re: Two suicides at restaurant featured in Olympics ceremony in the last month

    This Building points to Avebury Circle!!!!!!The design of this building is screaming 'Trinity, Trinity, Trinity.' Here we see a line showing the relationship between the restaurant and the London...
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    Re: Chi machines

    Slightly off topic but it always makes me think twice when I see words like "Chi." I guess this one is pronounced "key." It just reminds me of the Greek letter Chi (Kye). I wonder if somehow the...
  20. Re: Fireball Reports Coming in Across the US 10/17 10:00 PM PT

    Maybe the Orionids are coming early. We are supposed to have a big meteor shower this weekend!
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