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    Re: Angels Are Real And Much More Fun To Write About

    Prayer, affirmation, chants, muntruhs (mantras) and especially those intentional whispers are the call and response frequencies of angels. You are not off topic Tyy.

    I really don't see the...
  2. Re: JFK ASSASSINATED TODAY 11/22/63 do you remember it?

    Catholic school, 3rd Grade. My teacher was in shock. Very quiet. My oldest sister had died 4 years earlier and her close friends were my teachers in the next 2 grades I was to be in at the school. I...
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    Re: Where do you get your news?

    Though it is not healthy to do unless you like yelling at the screen or are exercising somehow...

    MSMedia to me is but a gauge of watching a society under the influence of foundational funding,...
  4. Re: The US Vaccine issue is more than just about "the Shots", it is about totalitarian tiptoe

    Nostradamus was initially well known for his rescue of entire towns of those who suffered from the plague. After the death of his first wife and children he devoted himself to understanding the real...
  5. Re: The US Vaccine issue is more than just about "the Shots", it is about totalitarian tiptoe


    Thank YOU Delight for this important thread and THANK YOU peterpam for the video, a video which offers some clinical, scientific perspectives on healing from aluminum exposure in...
  6. Thread: St Thomas

    by Hym

    Re: St Thomas

    And Jesus then spoketh from deep within his loins and doth proclaimed:

    "I too am a naughty, naughty boy. I am the naughtiest of all naughty boys for I was engrossed in magic and fed off of the...
  7. Re: New electric batteries with hugely extended mileage

    Again. What are the effects of the EM field on the body electric, bio-magnetic, bio-chemical? The acceptance and/or rejection of the use of these fields in our personal spaces has to be measured with...
  8. Re: Avalon visit to the Hypogeum and other ancient sites in Malta 2019

    As is known by many here the use of caves to heal ourselves, to heal others and to intonate to the healing energies of our environments is as old as the creation of these bodies we temporarily find...
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    Re: Stop 5G before it's irreversible!

    I've always seen the introduction of mechanical electromagnetic technologies as a direct attack on our awareness of our own subtlety, sensitivities, soul and reasons for being here.
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Love has not an end for it is a choice born far beyond this thing called time. We forget......

    Love has no beginning, yet begins each time we recognize the spark it brings in us,

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    Re: The Borax Conspiracy

    Olaf, What is your recommendation for the daily ingestion of borax for the average person?

    Thanks, Hym
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    Re: Joints, inflammation, and all that stuff

    At this time in the states, organic turmeric powder is a little over $3 something for 6 ounces at the health food store with the initials of NG, with whom I have no affiliation. I have given away...
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    Re: The 'censorship' discussion

    And Welcome to the jungle Tae.
    There's a clearing out ahead and when we reach it, we may realize that the jungle is what WE make it.

    As I don't remember commenting on Q,...
  14. Re: Production of the Volkswagen Beetle officially comes to an end

    They're advertising a new electric version of the VW van now. HOWEVER, I would not drive any electric vehicle without testing it for the high probability that the EMF field it produces may be very...
  15. Re: Production of the Volkswagen Beetle officially comes to an end

    When these oppositely oriented doors open onto any oncoming traffic that comes too close to your car they will most often get torn off, leaving any passenger inside wide open to injury. So, opening...
  16. Re: Production of the Volkswagen Beetle officially comes to an end

    Cool, Bill. That's the first time I've seen a Bug with suicide doors, the Blue VW in 2nd pic.

    My folks had a 70's gold, white topped, VW bus with giant slicks for the back tires. I liked the feel...
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    Re: A note to my daughter's teachers

    Dennis's intro post on this thread will always be relevant and useful when we make those choices about who we entrust our children to. Thanks Dennis.

    In some instances we cannot compromise with...
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    Re: Can humans really levitate?

    The personal accounts of floating are very real with me. AriG, Running Dear, Valerie and all recount the joy that accompanies the experiences.

    The African shaman video is funny and it most...
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    Re: Sunday Weekly Global Meditation

    I have never asked for this help, yet I am now....

    Hym here, Humbly asking for your positive energies in resolving a very unjust issue that threatens to change our living situation in a rental...
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    Re: Making one's own musical instruments

    Been invited to an indigenous/native corn dance ceremony and feast by a drummer who makes his own instruments. I've got some corn to share with his family from the Taos pueblo musician Robert Mirabal...
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