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  1. Re: Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    Some of the counter-points argued above I do not disagree with. I am certain that humanity, if left to mingle freely amongst itself, undisturbed and unmolested by the control matrix of social...
  2. Re: Termed "The UFO Leak Of The Century" by R. Dolan: The Notes between Dr. Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas Wilson

    These documents are interesting but read a bit iffy to me in places, the source being the most questionable (uncertain) aspect. The following statement for one is curious, and cause for concern.
  3. Diversity is *Not* Strength (Identity Politics)

    The mantra at the forefront of Identity Politics says that Diversity is Strength. It isn't. We are naturally diverse as individuals, and that's a good thing, a necessary evolutionary thing. It...
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    Re: Time Slips

    We have a great thread on this topic, definitely worth checking out. For specific cases of time slips, there are a good number to read here, with some detailed accounts related in posts, amongst...
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    Re: Ufoartwork

    Cool site. There's a thread from a couple of years ago on this subject, with some general discussion, and with one or two extra examples you might interesting. And indeed, welcome to Avalon.
  6. Re: The Qanon posts and a "Very Bad Day" Scenario for some elite swamp critters

    Strongly worded, but in its essence well said Kiwi.

    I hesitated on whether or not to post on this issue, but here's my tuppence.

    It seems to me that this quite aggressive skepticism of Q that...
  7. Re: The Qanon posts and a "Very Bad Day" Scenario for some elite swamp critters

    I wouldn't buckle up just yet, not based on this piece. I have a pretty good BS detector, finely calibrated over many years. And the needle here is pointing at Sorcha Fail.
  8. Re: The beauty and the pain of being human. Images.

    This enhanced and stabilized film is a poignant window through time, of ordinary people doing ordinary daily things, on an ordinary cold, grey day in Halifax, England in 1902.

    In the midst of...
  9. Re: Good News: Sweden considers outlawing runes and Viking symbols

    Under such criteria, I would've been raped about 4 times today (that I recall) during my shift at work, but this would've been somewhat offset by the 2 or 3 rapes I committed myself. Should I hand...
  10. Re: The Qanon posts and a "Very Bad Day" Scenario for some elite swamp critters

    I saw somewhere (possibly in a post on Avalon, can't recall), that "protesters" have been converging at his house at night, chanting, waving banners, and calling him a traitor (and other nasty...
  11. Re: Tell me about your day - please - a very brief report....

    Only in response to the thread title - nothing strange or supernatural going on, but one of those strange occurrences happened today that can only be described as a perfect example of Sod's Law...
  12. Re: The Qanon posts and a "Very Bad Day" Scenario for some elite swamp critters

    I hope that isn't the case! Q has pledged more than once: "No one walks away from this."
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    Really sad to hear. One of the true pioneers, and perhaps you could say even heroes, of the Ufology movement. Opened so many eyes and minds. Will be sincerely missed.

    Wherever he's gone, on the...
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    "Entertainment" is a most convenient exit ramp, but that doesn't work for me. If this was all entertainment, it should've come with a disclaimer, in bold letters, stating "this is just entertainment...
  15. Re: How tiny our sun is compared to other stars

    I've watched several of these, and this one gives me goosebumps. It will slightly frighten you as to the true scale of things.

    Anyone who still thinks we might be alone in the Universe needs to...
  16. Re: Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11

    Very interesting vid. Only problem I have, which pretty much trumps everything else, is a *real* Boeing 757 cannot fly north of 400mph at sea level, not without being ripped apart. Whatever hit the...
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    Re: Must-Read Titles

    For level 1, start here:

    Above Top Secret-by Timothy Good

    Although dated, this is still the best entrance-level crash course for those new coming into this phenomenon. Contains a wealth of...
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    Re: The 1963 TV show - The Outer Limits

    Loved the Invaders as a kid, although you have to look past the social programming (the paranoia, painting all ETs as negative) inherent in the theme.

    It's also interesting that Roy Thinnes (as...
  19. Re: The Qanon posts and a "Very Bad Day" Scenario for some elite swamp critters

    Well said on that. He loses me with the numerology. With the way he uses it for a start, he can fit any shaped peg into any shaped hole he wants, and justify a line of reasoning. That's really flimsy...
  20. Re: The Qanon posts and a "Very Bad Day" Scenario for some elite swamp critters

    I'm a bit behind the curve at the moment, so I missed this. Remote viewing Q. Wow. That sounds fascinating, and a little bit...ominous at the same time. Can't wait to read your write-up, Noelle.
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