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  1. Re: RAND Corporation Admits UFO/Nephilim Exist

    Just posted it virally to other political candidates and voters of this corporate infiltration in our government and coverup w/killings of JFK. Round up time after the world knows and votes to...
  2. Re: RAND Corporation Admits UFO/Nephilim Exist

    And the CIA that killed JFK, so the rascals working back then on that nasty little war in cuba detail, should be rounded up also. Johnson started getting the threats and he got the heck out, after...
  3. Re: RAND Corporation Admits UFO/Nephilim Exist

    Great idea to save in the "save as" to change title based upon the contents or new title, because when the scanner/snoops start snooping, the titles they look for are inclusive with key words. ...
  4. Re: Mars Pathfinder image 81010 - COULD THIS BE A HORSE ?

    Looks more like a deer. Boy if it is, the hunters are gonna have some 'splainin' to do. LOL Bambi's God, rut roh...hee, hee. Do animals also have a Supreme Animal spirit God? Wow, something more...
  5. Re: Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine - anyone see this report?

    They need to stop the non-sense, really anything for war or bloodshed. What's the matter is it time for another sacrifice of innocents for their cults?
  6. Re: Donetsk leaflet: Jews must register or face deportation

    Now who's trying to destabilize and conquer all the nations, so that they will have less to contend with if the nations unite against their evil deeds?

    That's a question in history that's really...
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    Re: Suffering; A weird type of Grace....

    I felt the same way when I was stabbed 7 times and in the back of the ambulance, I knew I was a gonner. I figured I'd better call on Jesus, but at the time, I was also reading the K'oran text,...
  8. Re: 'Most Earth-like planet yet' spotted by Kepler // Have we finally found EARTH 2.0?

    Of all the names to name a telescope at this day and age? Sheesh, who's the genius that thought this name up? Even the anagram could have been defined in different noun terms to not have it spell...
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    Re: A Signpost up ahead, your next stop?

    "I'm in my own little world, but it's okay. They know me here."
  10. Re: Lab loses 2,000 vials of deadly SARS virus

    The GOP Elite Corporates remind me every election of that guy "Trashman" that Flagg told to carry the nuke to the survivors camp. He would be screaming: "My Life For You!!!" He was released from an...
  11. Re: Lab loses 2,000 vials of deadly SARS virus

    If you hire family members w/out educational level required, tell them to just be careful not to drop them, they're likely to be incompetent and one day accidentally cause it to fall on themselves.
  12. Re: Lab loses 2,000 vials of deadly SARS virus

    Bingo, Tesla. They appear to be using every scenario "first tested on screen" (I doubt it) and now w/swine flu, loose nukes, ET invasion, psychotic pharma zombies on destructive chips, secret...
  13. Re: Lab loses 2,000 vials of deadly SARS virus

    Hope that "balloon rupture/orb thingy wasn't a test drive? Ya'll remember the video where the guy followed the orb, and it burst and floated with two or three metallic reflections as it floated over...
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    Re: All advice welcome...

    Ask your inner higher self before you meditate to guide you on what it is you are "supposed to do" because sometimes it is urgent for the spiritual side of you to do a mission you signed on for, but...
  15. Re: Weird , mysterious red dots appearing on skin

    Take a hair come and comb across them to stimulate the circulation to see if they go away the next day. Gently comb over them with an afro or big tooth comb. Sometimes circulatory restriction marks...
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    Re: A picture last night from a friend

    A very beautiful colored unidentified object of high interest to everyone who see it. LOL
    Loved that color blue since childhood.
  17. Re: Race with Time 11 [Final Episode] | The Judge: Last Exit for Mankind | James Horak, Crystal Clark

    That's what insecure spoiled psychotics do. Plan their powerful funeral at the expense and death of everyone else, if they don't get their way. They've never had a no from the nanny only their...
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    Re: 4-16-14 Ben Fulford Update

    For those who spaz out on Fulford, is he too not a creator spark, and by putting the evidence before the people and or(making it up) putting it in the creative winds, would this not start the ball...
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    Rut Roh, sounds like the Atlantis disc that sank their world when it went out of control. Hope we have more competent people than back then, right now, because with particle colliders, nukes and now...
  20. Re: Casual marijuana use linked with brain abnormalities

    Figures they would start this non-sense. They really love their cinchy harrassement jobs w/pensions, don't they?
    Bwahahahaha, bye bye marijuana user harrassers family wreckers putting people on...
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