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  1. The Dream Culture of the Neanderthals by Stan Gooch

    The above is a link to an article about the man and his work. Right now I am reading the book in the thread title. My...
  2. Re: WEB is Conscious, says Dr Richard Alan Miller

    As above, so below?
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    Re: Building Collapse in New York City

    Check back a few years from now and those buildings will have been replaced with what they want there. Poor folks.
  4. Re: New Research Proves Flouride is a Neurotoxin

    Perhaps this report will help get the fluoride out.
  5. Re: Cancer, often regarded as a voodoo curse; and the "curse" can be dismissed

    I wish my sister would have agreed to alternative therapies, the chemo killed her.
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    Re: My Journey by MargueriteBee

    Oh boy, I woke up this morning and found ALL the wood is soaking wet. The storm last night was a big one. So, no fire. No heater either. I am soooooo glad to move outta here in 18 days!!!!!!!!!!!...
  7. Re: Project Camelot: Paul Laviolette G2Cloud Superwave ?

    What if this actually turned out to be something beautiful, wonderful? What if.
  8. Re: Interdimensional Portal in Russia UFO, but 'What's Coming' through..?

    All I saw was a lightening strike.
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    Re: My Journey by MargueriteBee

    Hip, hip hoorah! Today we are finally on the grid! For the first time since I have lived here I will be able to take a shower more than once a week and I can use my vaccum cleaner anytime I want...
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    Re: Ukraine's strategic importance

    It really is 1984.
  11. Re: MSNBC: Zbigniew Brzezinski compares his 'Own Daughter' to a 'DOG' on National TV

    Poor lady she probably did not have a happy time growing up with that for a father.
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    Re: What book changed your life?

    The works of Alvin Boyd Kuhn.
  13. Re: The real Jesus, the real Mary, Gnosis, the Archons, and the world's first major smear campaign

    I recommend Alvin Boyd Kuhn. You can him free on Kindle. I just started reading it and what I got so far is: We are born into death and die into life. Pretty deep stuff.
  14. Re: THIRSTY GHOST ! Publican Claims Ghost Caught on Camera in 4th oldest English Pub

    I'd be impressed if it walked thru the counter.
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    None of the pages can be displayed when I googled Beyoncé Obama. They are working hard to shut down the story.
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    Re: Fake Snow?

    It snowed last night. I just went out and put a lighter to it. It melted.
  17. Thread: problem

    by MargueriteBee

    Re: problem

    My dad never said he loved me, never said more than a thousand words to me my whole life. But, I think deep down he did.
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    Isn't it the 'thinking' of mankind that is off the mark?
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    Man, he looks like he is up to something!
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    Re: Fake Snow?

    Sometimes I wonder if the normal weather system is broken and now they have to use HAARP.
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