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  1. Re: Obama administration transfers Apache Helicopters from Natl Guard to Army

    I'm thinking the Federal Gov. wants these helos for Europe.
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    Re: Suffering; A weird type of Grace....

    Thank you for writing of your experience. It will help us all understand the nature of pain and grace and of Christ.
  3. Re: Casual marijuana use linked with brain abnormalities

    The original post sites a Fox news article. The article states that there were 40 (only forty) participants in the study. That's not enough for good science.
  4. Re: Calling all light warriors - the Bees need you!

    I have plenty of blooming early perennials blooming but no bees. I've seen one bumble and one honey but not the crowds I'm accustomed to later in the year.
    Is there a temperature or time of year...
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    Re: Pacific Northwest Meetup

    Put me down as a possible. Several things would have to come together for me to make it. We're having some remodeling done...
    I'm down in Salem
  6. Re: DNA, Body Changes & Spiritual Connections

    "Some of these are:

    Flu-like symptoms - high temperatures, sweating, aching bones and joints etc, but which do not respond to antibiotics.
    Migraine headaches - severe pain that is not...
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    Re: Can you give 24 Hours to Love?

    And consider also placing into the box
    Your cell phone
    Your laptop/desktop computer
    Your televison
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    Re: More nasty fake people

    It may be a bit of you and a bit of them. Don't let it get to you. Take the high road be kind to them when you are with them. Don't be involved with them anymore than you need to be. Relationships...
  9. Re: Mudslides in the northwest, near Seattle, Washington

    The location of the slide is 60 miles northeast of Seattle in a heavily forested region. On a map its 12 miles east of Arlington Washington. There are currently 108 people reported missing/...
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    Bison walk anywhere they want to and not very fast.

    While we were there we had a giggle because, as if it was the leader of a parade, a big old male was walking in the middle of the on-coming...
  11. Re: "Star People" -- stop worrying about where you came from, and help us get back there! :)

    I don't and can't answer for the whole of humanity, but for my own personal, introverted, and graying self I will say, "I ain't about to go anywhere."

    I'll soon be 64. I like my garden and my...
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    Re: Why Dark Chocolate Is So Damn Good For You

    I may have it wrong, but don't the Mexicans cook with chocolate using it in mole? any cooks out there with recipes?
  13. Re: How can one photo instill so much heated emotion?

    All I see in the picture is a little boy with a big smile. He's probably dressed-up like his Daddy and waving a flag like the other people (out of picture are).

    If there is anything insidious...
  14. Re: D. Cameron, Q. Elizabeth, P. Francis PROVEN GUILTY by Coventry Common Law Court of the ITCCS

    Who was it that represented the accused in this court of justice? They were allowed counsel weren't they?
  15. gold price fixing allegation: court action pending

    This is from a newsletter I received ; JCK News Daily

    "Lawsuit Claims Gold Price Is Manipulated
    By Rob Bates, Senior Editor
    Posted on March 6, 2014

    A new class-action suit targets the five...
  16. Re: A Message For The Newbies (Guests) included...

    So, feeling good is bad. Feeling bad is good. There's some brainwashing right there!
  17. Re: Agape - have you ever felt that you were encompassed by it?

    Just once as part of a dream.
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    Re: Conditioning Cycle

    Do I understand you correctly that you believe anything beyond acquiring material possessions beyond food, water and shelter is "greedy"? Where then would you put art, music, social interaction,...
  19. Thread: Gardening

    by Heartsong

    Re: Gardening

    For those who can't grow their own food, please support the local growers who are putting such effort and investment into bringing their wares to market.

    I buy vegetables and fruits from local...
  20. Re: Giving up on (a part) of your life purpose

    I've faced the same dilemma. What finally came to me after years of personal dissonance is that the "purpose(s)" that I had struggled toward really weren't mine. The were imposed upon me by the...
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