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  1. Re: Science & Theories of Rh negative DNA Origins - natural mutation or Alien?

    Hello Everyone,

    I guess this is as good a place as any to jump right in. I have been an Avalon member for quite some time now, but prefer to observe; But this is a topic that I have been...
  2. Re: A warning from benevolent ETs about our future - over 60 years ago

    Bill,Thanks for sharing.Exploring those past lives is VERY beneficial,at first scary but clears so much, allowing you to progress and's to graduation...!!!!!!
  3. Re: Unplugging the Patriarchy - a new interview with Lucia Rene

    Thank You so much for this beautiful interview...!!!! I must say i am pleasantly surprised to see you (Bill) embrace such a topic,I stand in honor of your open heart....BRAVO...!!!!!!
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