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  1. Re: Mass shooting at Orlando Gay Nightclub and the James Wesley Howell's case

    it just came out that the shooter was on a gay dating app and did frequent 2x a week for 3 years the club Pulse.

    Lets talk about homophobia. This man hated gays and hated himself. A certain % of...
  2. Re: Bill Ryan's interview with REBEKAH ROTH, 11 September, 2015

    This interview blew my mind. Thank you so much Bill. I will definitely share this video with friends. I think it's better than an introduction on the subject. It feel like it widen my perspective....
  3. Re: Shane/The Ruiner's interview with Kerry Cassidy, 8 Sept 2015

    Thanks Kerry and Shane for this interview I loved it!

    If I was in the chat room atm of the interview, my question would have been about the (black?) SPIDERS. Kerry said she encountered them and...
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    Sticky: View Post

    Bonjour à tous les francophones.

    Rock Larochelle est un agent de la paix qui dénonce les sociétés secrètes au Québec, Canada. Très intéressant témoignage que je vous invite à écouter:
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    Re: Don't Mention the Reptilians artwork

    I can't wait to watch your documentary!! Thank you so much for exploring this subject and bringing it to us. Truely appreciated!

    Do you have a release date? When will we be able to see it fully? ...
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    Re: Being Authentic...

    Hi all,

    I've been silent for a while here on Avalon, I'd like to break the silence and give my contribution to this thread.
  7. Re: A Most Important Video, The New Age Bull$hit, The Truth and The Reasons

    Thanks Roman

    I will definitely listen to Mark Passio.
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    Re: Quebec Train Wreck/Blast

    At work, we were asked to donate to the Red Cross to help the victims. I'm all about helping, but why go through the Red Cross? Can't we give directly to the city or the victims?

    Doesn't anybody...
  9. Re: A butterfly came on my path today ! What a great message from life !

    I once heard a medium (person who can communicate with souls that crossed over) say that butterflies are a symbol of a loved one's presence. Have you been thinking of someone dear that passed over...
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    Re: GMO FOOD Company's List not to buy from

    Here is a nice graph that help make the right choices:
    I personally try to avoid all theses...
  11. Re: Within 24 hrs, news that will take down the power structure (Glenn Beck's claim, so far unsubstantiated)

    So.. what is the big announcement?
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    Re: David Icke - Russell Brand Interview - New World Order Agenda

    I'm impressed by the quality of interview he had with David Icke.

    I always had a problem with him thought, considering he was Katty Perry's boyfriend for a while and that girl is clearly under...
  13. Re: YouTube no longer supports downloading of their videos

    There's a free program called FRAPS that records directly on your monitor. Simply choose the area to record on a page (here, it would a be the streaming video on youtube) and it saves directly on...
  14. Re: Giza aligns with planets on 12-3-12 (...maybe?)

    Maybe you should check yourself with a program simulating star positions.

    I found a list of astromony softwares here.

    Keep us posted ^.^ and good luck in your search of truth!
  15. Re: Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins

    When I was a student in college, some students payed their institution fees with 1cents. Always thought it was a nice way to protest.

    Maybe I should do that when income taxes comes around next...
  16. Re: Mike Adams and Alex Jones Are they Paid Government Shills?

    Thank you mister Ryan for your input regarding Mike Adams.

    What's your take on Alex Jones?
  17. Re: Evidence of The Illuminati on Curiosity Mission on Mars Right Now

    corson, I don't think fausto is joking. The site seems legit to me.

    Someone please tell me wrong, I want to believe this to be a joke.
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    Re: Mass Shooting in Aurora, Colorado, 7/20/2012

    FBI / DHS warning for possible theater attacks was issued on May 17, 2012.


    .pdf download via google cache:
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    Re: Mass Shooting in Aurora, Colorado, 7/20/2012


    Bane shoots 3 ppl in a theater in the 1986 DC comic book, then blames it on Batman:
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    Re: Mass Shooting in Aurora, Colorado, 7/20/2012

    This is not an average Joe. Not only did he have tear gas, but his whole apartment is apparently trapped with explosives!

    Another article...
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