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  1. Re: David Wilcock upate 2015-11-25: DISCLOSURE SHOWDOWN - The War For The Truth

    Ahhh, the awakening light-bulb of truth. Ummm, taste good eh? The freedom of this generation and all that follow apprehension of the centuries old deceivers of tech and truth, finally going down,...
  2. Re: NASA Dr. Hermann J. Oberth: "Flying saucers come from a distant world"

    This is fantastic. No matter the lead, the truth will humble this country to understand the war crimes and covert smuggling of genocidal elite families, "meddling in the citizens lives to the point...
  3. Re: Vice Admiral R. H. Hillenkoetter: "Official Secrecy and Ridicule"

    Well build me a clock and call me KooKoo, if this isn't disclosure of who the cabal is that is holding the technology back for profit and advantage. I believe they are arming the ME with weapons...
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    Re: Problems with CERN?

    Of course it's the cabal and their cult worshipping psychos. Never was a doubt of that, and you have to call a spade a spade, because to see it, name it and get rid of it, you cannot deny it. We...
  5. Re: Thousands of Souls (Wings of prophecy)

    My brother came by the other day, to confirm some things,/breadcrumbs/dots. He's off from a long substance abuse, via Bush drug ring in 80's after our Dad died. He asked me to fill him in and he...
  6. Re: New ISIS video threatens France, Italy, U.S.

    Good morning everyone. Just listening to the latest move by "Stupid" terrorist going after the wrong targets. Killing innocent children women and anything moving. Seems everyone but ISIS knows Fed...
  7. Re: The Chemtrail Cough, Is It Real & How To Prevent It

    Greenhouses kept warm and lit by keshe? Sounds like they'd come in handy as far as heat if a ice-age and cooling if extreme heat occurs. JMO.
  8. Re: H.R.2262 U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act

    A non-responsibility clause for participants or volunteers that goes through a federal liability court only, to keep classified parts of the program, classified from those not involved in the program...
  9. Re: Putin tells Western leaders: Let's bury our differences and jointly strike at 'barbarian' ISIS

    They stopped WW2 when they teamed up before against the "neozionistnazis." Might work if their technology has exceeded "Admiral Byrd's excursion." They got out of there but quick, when faced...
  10. Re: This may be Obama's real birth certificate (but may also be a hoax)

    Well if that's the case, then we have to determine that the whole damn congress and senate is illegal, and probably how he got in/ I mean if legally you wanted to shut up people, and you were a law...
  11. Re: Adjusting in life when things start to fall away

    Pretty much. When it comes time for us to make a difference, we do, but the more we see and hear of the revealings/veil lifting from deceitful actions of those who worship greed, the more we feel...
  12. Re: Two Mile Diameter "Drill Hole" found on Mars

    As it was before, I think the hybrid ancestors came here after causing destruction on mars environment, and then when the allignment happened the atmosphere's magnetics were so weak, that the sun...
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    Re: Goldman's 4 Horsemen of the Fed

    Ut oh, here comes the ream. They can't do NY again, so now Chi-town's stock exchange.
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    Re: War on cash

    and with the new bank chip in the "Master" card they can track you forever where ever if in your wallet or pocketbook/pocket. One scan and they know who and what you are.
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    Very good research on our Constitution and how the "legal eagles of corporate banks" had it removed from our site. I'd guess the capital burning was to protect those who sided with the Virginia...
  16. Re: George H.W. Bush admits that War is the adrenaline rush he craves

    Jeb was "head of PNAC during 911.
    Spoken like a true heir of "Vlad the Impaler.":facepalm:
    Who do they think they are?
  17. Re: Leuren Moret: McCain in false flag to down Russian airliner, caught just prior to Sinai crash

    Thanks I sent it it Ralph Nader, all my tweet followers, FB and Bernie Sanders who despises false flags and wars on lies. This is getting interesting, letting the phychos get caught and it's just a...
  18. Re: Secret CIA Black Sites In American Heartland For 'Disappearing' Citizens

    It's why their commissioner stepped down after 47 years on force. Either he was played or part of it. I think he's facing charges for a torture site of citizens.
  19. Re: Wreckage found as Russian passenger plane crashes in Sinai: Egypt

    I think its cabal also.
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    ELITE banksters for the "heist/cover story:" "The idea is to find al lthat ancient gold of all the kings on the earth and make it ours."

    All this proves is my theory that they've stolen every...
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