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    Re: Resonant Frequency Breakthrough

    It's no surprise that a music professor should be the one to find how these frequencies can work.

    Music! The divine gift! If placed in the hands of those who understand it and use it for the...
  2. Re: Deconstructing Ayn Rand's Doctrine of Rational Self-Interest. Well, Sort of.

    can you link to a quote or statement that supports that? I have not found that to be the case. .[/QUOTE]

    Rand fundamentally rejected the notion that an individual should be required (morally,...
  3. Re: Deconstructing Ayn Rand's Doctrine of Rational Self-Interest. Well, Sort of.

    To the best of my knowledge, which could be faulty, Ayn Rand was the mistress of Philip Rothschild - one of the word's most powerful elite!

    To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Rothschild commissioned...
  4. Re: Pythagorean Theorem And Ancient Babylonian

    Always interesting, thought provoking, and highly informative threads, Herve.

    Thank you!
  5. Re: One-upmanship: Legendary Jesus Outdone

    It does not quite look human!

    It doesn't even look earthly, unless, of course, it is a shamanic thing!
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    Re: 2015-12-25: The Last Christmas?

    Chiming in a bit late here. I'm not on PA much these days but I've been wanting to reply to the OP.

    While I don't believe at all that we'll stop celebrating Christmas (those of us who do...
  7. Re: David Bowie dies after his 69th birthday and latest album Blackstar

    Check ignition and may God's love be with you, Mr. Bowie!
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    Re: I'm going to Retire soon...

    Dear Jagman,

    I'm sorry to see you go, but I understand your decision.

    I also had a tremendously difficult upbringing with a terribly abusive father who made my life and mother's life a living...
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    Re: Safe Travels and Joy, Sebastion

    When the tears have been shed,

    When pain has loosened its grip on the heart,

    When sorrow lifts its dark veil,

    May only the love be left.

    May the memories of Sebastion's love heal the...
  10. Re: Baphomet - The Temple Mystery Unveiled

    Thank you so much for posting this, Giovonni! It is very timely for me.

    On November 5, I started having dreams about living in the Temple of Baphomet. Terrifying dreams! I want to escape the...
  11. Re: No Abduction is from a Benevolent Race ~ ET Surgery

    I'm in full agreement with you, Omni! Benevolent ETs do not abduct!

    I also have heard of rare cases where a person with a life threatening illness found themselves having unrequested surgery by...
  12. Re: ET and Black Project Tech/AI ~ Omnisense w/ Alfred Lambremont Webre


    Thank you, Omni!

    I have not been on PA lately so I just discovered your video today.

    2012 was my last terrifying ET AI contact. I later discovered "Energetic Synthesis" founded...
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    Re: Here: The So-called "Word Of God"

    History has always been written - and re-written... to please the king!!!
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    Re: The Truth About Cancer

    This is indeed an excellent documentary on the way the system (un)treats cancer, natural therapies, clinics, protocols, etc.,

    I've watched it all. This is a very rough recap from my notes:

  15. Re: Liberal Government in Canada gets a Majority. Harper Resigns!

    While Justin may not seem like a chip off the old block, he is his father's son, and his father did much for Canada.

    When "Trudeaumania" hit Canada, I was too young to vote, but slowly realized...
  16. Re: Is the counterculture today doing a better job than the counterculture in the 60s and 70s?

    I think we are doing somewhat better than the counterculture of the '60s and early '70s, but only somewhat.

    The internet is our greatest weapon these days, but as the saying goes: "you can lead a...
  17. Cosmic Weather Report: Dazed and Confused!

    At 10:49 PM, U.S. EST, on Thursday, September 17, the gas-giant planet Saturn departs Scorpio, where it's been dredging deep-sea currents since October 2012. As this three year period of Saturn in...
  18. Re: Bill Ryan's new interview with REBEKAH ROTH, 11 September, 2015

    Bless her, indeed!

    May she be kept safe in her warrior's journey and deliver more people from their slumber.

    Thank you, Bill!
  19. Re: Exposing the True Origins of HIV - AIDS A documentary

    I don't remember where I read this, but I clearly remember reading it in some book about various viruses, whose author's name now escapes me.

    According to that author, circa 1980, every gay man in...
  20. Re: Have you ever seen or felt the presence of the dead?

    Almost everyone I've known who has made the transition, has visited me at one point or another.

    The ones who were dear to me, visit on a regular basis. I don't mean that they visit often, but...
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