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    Re: Godless Gatherings With A Lust to Share

    and some music :

    Golden Slumbers and the Beatles :

    ( A Classic )
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    Re: What are your favourite sayings?

    OP have opened up for use of video to ekspress, something.
    So, in not so many words :
    The Lion King -...
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    Re: What are your favourite sayings?

    Sayings or saying .?.

    This is actualy my favourite Bumper Sticker :

    :- )
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    Re: Kudos Avalon thread makers...

    - thanks for a reminder, among many ...
    There (here) is a treasure of personal statements
    and maybe on a base of ancient justice, love and
    an understanding of right and wrong, and beyond .

  5. Re: Remote Viewing of 9/11 from Farsight Institute (Courtney Brown)

    Interesting. Thanks for bringing it.
    To me it makes more sense that its possible to remote view the past than the future.
    That probably only illustrate my limitet understanding of how time and...
  6. Re: Anti-Semitic political candidates in Ukraine doomed at the ballot box

    The "anti-semites". What are they Anti ?

    The term " Semite " has a regional connection, - but is more of a common
    culture and language amongst a diverse population,
    mainly in arabia, asia and...
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    Re: 'UFO Takes Down Russian Rocket'

    - Many possible scenarios with this incident ...
    ( is it realy confirmed ? nothing seen in media here )

    If real, that the rocket, for some reason, fell into pieces
    and blew apart on trajectory...
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    Re: This is the 50,000th Avalon thread

    - so
    this might be as good as any other relevant thread
    to post this piece of art / music :
    Henry Hall &...
  9. Re: The continuing depravity of the Eurovision song contest

    This years winner of the Eurovision Songcontest
    - is not a woman with a beard.
    It is a man in a dress, with a set of false tits.

    I agree that it was not the best song and singer ,
    - or even...
  10. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III

    What more can one say ?

    - It is a farce, and an irony , and
    hard to take some of those "leaders"
    claiming to represent "the free" world,
    or even more megalomanic when some
    person acts as "the...
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    Re: Messages from Indigo 5 year old


    And (&) thank to you for this fine thread,
    life is perpetual in motion and allthough
    nothing might be "new under the sun"
    then each generation born make their
    own mix of past, present...
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    - We need to come together .
    We need for those who are granted insight
    also into our modern systems, and beyond.
    To meet, and figure out new "stuff / solutions"

    - unknown source

    Btw :...
  13. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III


    If this have been posted before,
    then it needs to be again, and fit
    well on this volumous thread :

    Thanks to Uncle Zook on United People (ha ha) forum.
    A video recording of a speach...
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    Sticky: Re: Sun Stuff: What's up!

    - so :
    Has it passed your
    personal integrity ?

    - What is up and down
    in a weightless space ..

    Or less of a limit and direction ..
    Up to you .
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    Re: The War on Pot - Denver is a Pawn

    Eggs are integrate part of the Easter breakfast.
    Of course, "in the old days" we knew the hens
    who "warped" the eggs ...

    No image to accompany this post,
    eccept maybe in your head, or mind,
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    Re: The War on Pot - Denver is a Pawn

    Be O so logical, Or be ganic, if that is your will .
    Be smarter then them, or it, whatever is chasing
    and again trying to, at enslaving you ....

    - Is it spirit that will allways set us free ?
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    Re: The War on Pot - Denver is a Pawn

    You have, and display, love and insight, like no other on this forum.
    Thank you, Rocky Shorz. ( for what (only) You know ..).
    - and How to share it, with humour .....
    & Love to you too, Rocky
  18. Re: Courtney Brown Announcement for February (now March) 2014

    Does a picture still say more than a thousand words .?.




    :- )
  19. Re: Treaty signed for Crimea to join the Russian Federation

    The process of freeing the Crimea area
    from the coup regime in Ukraine is legitamate,
    from the russian viewpoint, of course .

    No mattar any other viewpoint, then
    Russia should receive that...
  20. Re: The phrase "more money than god", Where does it come from ?

    thank you again, htg

    What I wanted was a response, and you gave it.
    - Anything more is a pure bonus ...

    It is maybe like this image need the right music ;

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