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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Well, the world is running out of the ability to be a place for hard lessons and the hard learners are in the middle of shoving off. As the population and the technology both advance, we reach a...
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    Re: Why Walmarts Are Closing World Wide

    triple whammy!

    1- Side order of Paranoia rumor mill.

    2- Kill the unions.

    3- Hide the bad finances.
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    Re: Why Walmarts Are Closing World Wide

    Well, one can consider that the closures are also about being able to spook the population.

    Two birds with one stone, a favorite confusion and obfuscation tactic of the hidden hand.

    Where the...
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    Re: Why Walmarts Are Closing World Wide

    Ninety guns per one hundred people n the USA. Some say it is more like 105 guns per 100 people. And the ammunition to match that.

    Take over America and put huge numbers in prison camps?

    I don't...
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    Re: Why Walmarts Are Closing World Wide

    I also heard that walmart had finally run out of locations to open stores.

    This is a big thing, as opening stores is how a chain that big---- rolls debt forward.

    It's about money over time.
  6. Re: Electrical engineer debunks free energy circuit

    The 'theories of thermodynamics'* are based on Newtonian aspects tied to statistical function of the result of quantum considerations. But, crucially, never looked at as the true quantum activity...
  7. Re: Eric Holder Steps Down, another criminal escapes into safety and luxury

    Oh that's fine.

    Being intimately familiar with my own two most recent past lives, I gotta say that when these sort of folks physically die..well, they are not going to be so pleased with...
  8. Re: Electrical engineer debunks free energy circuit

    Free energy does exist, just not in this particular circuit, I'd imagine.

    What I don't stand for ----is the idea that it is all bunk.

    Which it is not.

    That one really will find themselves...
  9. Re: Experimental rocket crashes on launch in northern Russia

    Russia's space defense troops spot foreign spying satellites
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    Only because black ops dark westerners are the asshats of the world.
  11. Re: The Question of Lithium (Alchemy-dimensions-shapeshifters-aliens-existence-reality..)

    Here is a posting that illustrates that the 'platinum...
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    Re: How Much More Twisted Can It Get?

    One has to consider the possibility that the people in the system, who did the patent work, were working around the blocks in the system, in order to get the information out. They still have to dance...
  13. Re: Disclosure Conference in Toronto on April 10 - Great Speakers!

    An interesting thing came up, that may indicate that we are indeed looking at a 'hit piece', with regard to the Toronto star newspaper website article on the conference.

    We are supposed to believe...
  14. Re: Fukushima radioactive waste water treatment technique

    One of the major Japanese corporations just recently patented a method of treating radioactive waste material.

    So at least one of them is trying to do something. But the idea of patenting a way of...
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    Re: Government/Bankers War on Cash

    Actually, a state law against the sale of second hand goods, via cash.... is not likely to be effective, as it is contrary to federal law. I expect an injunction or challenge/hold on this state law,...
  16. Re: Understanding the World Markets, how to not be a victim in the event of a Global collapse

    the metals markets are specifically rigged and that is a fairly new aspect, with regard to daily hands on control. (general rigging has always been around)

    Gold and silver are gamed via the paper...
  17. Re: UFOs Confront Soldiers During War, Says Ex-Air Force Intelligence Officer

    I'd like to think so.

    But I'm more inclined to think it is a human elite group that is trying to 'power up' and Armour up themselves, before we are brought head to head with their unwillingness to...
  18. Re: Unidentified fast killing disease appears in Nigeria

    Fast moving fast killing is what is desired to take place, if one has to deal with an infectious agent. It is the most favorable scenario.

    Slow moving with a long gestation and high...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    especially since it is the prime component of existence here, the idea of temporal quantum based existence... involves projection and reflection, as the left and right hand of the now. The phantom of...
  20. Re: Dr Steven Greer: Reptilians and Greys aren't real

    I still don't understand why someone does not start up the 100,000 person march on area 51.
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