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    Re: (Cyber) bullying

    Two grandchildren were being bullied and the little guy tried to stop them from his sister's taunting by the girls, but he was too young to do anything. Anyway, I taught them a few martial arts...
  2. Re: The truth about Vaccine/Autism Connection...

    Did you fb and or tweet it or type it in a blog that a family member uses. We've got to stop these immoral beings, from doing this to our children. We've got to throw the bread crumbs and lead them...
  3. Re: Solar Power, the decentralized grid, and the urgency of getting our Sh*$ together

    As soon as we the people can stop the chemtrails, we'll really be able to measure the correct amount of sun days. But either way. One day of sun's energy is equivalent to a century of power on...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Bill Ryan !

    Yes Bill, happy birthday and have some good feelings and intentions as well as surrounding of love.
  5. Re: After Being Dead For Almost An Hour, Priest Says God Is A Woman (errr... sorry folks... it's a hoax)

    I think there's a balance of male/female spirit divided within the 26,000 or 36,000 passage of Galactic alignment changes. One for creating and the other for erasing. Look how many deaths in wars...
  6. Re: After Being Dead For Almost An Hour, Priest Says God Is A Woman (errr... sorry folks... it's a hoax)

    Does kind of make sense as the woman also is able to forgive, if sincerity of heart is presented in the repentance. Hmm.. more I think of it, that could be the biggest deceit upon "manKind." Also...
  7. Re: After Being Dead For Almost An Hour, Priest Says God Is A Woman (errr... sorry folks... it's a hoax)

    Love your big cat avitar. Very assuring that there will be forgiveness and abundance of love. So I guess the end/beginning clock is like a Urth douche to cleanse. LOL (just kidding) What if as they...
  8. Re: 97 published research papers support vaccine/autism link

    Because the media is owned by those who have shares in pharma. But....if you put it on yahoo blogs, twitter, fb and huffpo and news max, there's a very very good chance that it could finally get...
  9. Re: The great sim heist how spies stole the keys to the encryption castle

    With all the ID thefts occurring thru bank cards, online pays and credit cards, looks like the electronic security of citizens worldwide, IS A BUST. Nomatter how many they put on security, there...
  10. Re: JPMorgan goes to WAR - 'Every man for himself'

    Now they know Anonymous said they said they would take down/expose corrupt banksters. They pay so much to stay corrupt instead of cleaning up their act/trust problem with people who put their money...
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    Same reason they have Egyptian monuments in CO.
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    Re: The Boy Who Lived Before...

    Thanks Paula, I was thinking the same thing before I read your post about the children coming to earth incarnated "free." WE've been free of their grasp and are maturing since 2011. Energies are a...
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    Re: HEP A and doctor..WT???

    Well if she's paying for the plan and tests, why shouldn't she have it at a convenient time to avoid anxiety levels of fear. You could even give a couple of placebo tests if they are hypochondriac.
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    Re: HEP A and doctor..WT???

    Well hopefully she doesn't have it, but if she does, she should report it to ACA, AMA and local news station to report this behavior. Then file for a neglegence suit. When the patient has to jump...
  15. Re: Natural telepathy and the Theory of Consciousness

    Fully whole with the ability to use all senses as in repair of the broken chain of "All" the separation/duality while in this matrix of unconscious or asleep civilization under the control of those...
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    Re: I am a Muslim Project

    It does seem like the bad or negatives have the loudest voice where women, children/humanity is concerned. I don't know why people listen to the loudest, meanest voices perhaps it's environmental...
  17. Re: Skeletons in 6,000-Year-Old Embrace Found in Cave

    Maybe they saw it coming and resolved to go together in each other's arms?
  18. Re: An important historical event took place today, and the Western Media failed to take notice

    Madman Cheney is hitting the paid media spots for right wing torture cheerleaders in the voting block, with his book. All those filled with the fear of opening a mailbox. Jeesh. It's a mess isn't...
  19. Thread: Cataracts

    by Lifebringer

    Re: Cataracts

    Runs in my hubby's family. He had them for 3 years, and then started pot. At first check up to see if surgery was needed after the cataract diagnosis and pot treatment, doc said: "they are...
  20. Re: Greece threatens tilt to Russia and China unless Europe yields -- Telegraph (UK)

    Not surprising of us. The people should have a say in how their bodies are abused working for these heartless cheap and greedy people/CEO's. Really not surprised we aren't buying what they are...
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