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    Re: UFO videos in China

    Well these days all you need is a decent animator or model and a good renderer. Both are ridiculously abundant and many are free.
    I can certainly do it having worked on video games for decades and...
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    Re: UFO videos in China

    I suspect some videos there are cgi, but I do not believe they are all cgi, especially the main one with the alien. Can someone explain to me what the best cgi is capable of, with cgi videos? The...
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    UFO videos in China

    These are a few UFO videos shot in China. It is hard to dismiss any of them, but the most extraordinary video is at the 4:00 mark. A few minutes video of four young Chinese spotted a UFO while...
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    Re: What food shortage?

    So far they have been very comfortable picking humans to eat. Maia, you are the first human to dare think of eating them. Your vision is great and great vision is what empowers humankind. This vision...
  5. Re: Why do we use username aliases on social media?

    Your real name is the name your friends are accustomed to and one you respond to. After long enough, any alias you use becomes your real name. I did not think it mattered what name I used when I...
  6. Re: Joe Rogan visits Alex Jones for a talk at the InfoWars studio

    I am happy here, thanks. There is a greater illusion of freedom, because the government is weak, or less authorative. I do believe the vast majority of ant-establishment personalities are controlled...
  7. Re: Joe Rogan visits Alex Jones for a talk at the InfoWars studio

    Managed opposition is the key word. All unjustice and slavery create opposition. Naturally there are leaders of the opposition. To guarantee their survival, the slave masters have two good ways. One...
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    Re: I've been seeing 11:11 a lot lately

    This is another way of understanding it. At the very least the subconscious mind sees everything within the vision. This has a proof. An eyewitness of a murderer may not be able to remember what the...
  9. Re: What is keeping alien species from contacting the general public in a larger way?

    True that humans have to stand up by their own effort. I don't have the benefit of being directly informed by aliens. I have doubts with the duping theory which made the Orion reptilians legit. This...
  10. Re: What is keeping alien species from contacting the general public in a larger way?

    I can think of this theory.
    Most planets are run by “alien” beings of vastly higher technology than the inhabitants. Unless there is animosity between the alien beings, when there may be invasions...
  11. Re: Disease X Hits China: New Strain Of Bird Flu (Could Kill 40% Of Those Who Contract)

    No. Things are upside down in this era. In order for the virus to be effective, the vaccine must be applied beforehand. That's for weakening your immune system. Did I hear that the Spanish flu...
  12. Re: Massive explosions at alleged Iranian facilities inside Syria - 29 Apr 2018

    The US is a democracy and hypocrisy, so when they start a war a false flag is needed. To start a big war like WW3 they need a big false flag. Now that this event is not widely reported as it was not...
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    Re: Too Sensitive, Too Safe

    Sensitivity is a form of alertness, and is base on fear. While a little fear of dangerous things is essential for survival, excess fear like freezing at the sight of a spider is not desirable. So...
  14. Re: CDC's Timothy Cunningham's body found in the river

    Getting the truth via alternative means is commonly called conspiracy theory. This story given the few reports needs a conspiracy theory to explain, and as such cannot have indisputable evidence. If...
  15. Re: CDC's Timothy Cunningham's body found in the river

    Natural News suspects that he was silenced.
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    Re: Time traveller reveals our world in 2030

    A genuine time traveler, if there is one, would not be too concerned about proving himself. He or she would likely to be very confident and do not care if the majority of people would not believe...
  17. Re: IRAN - a big WOW here! (Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Arrested For Inciting Unrest)

    Fake news on TV is cheap, it is even cheaper on the internet. I guess with a proper setup, a fake news can be manufactured within minutes that seems to appear everywhere. This one is for oversea...
  18. Re: Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament Of George Harrison

    Almost all conspiracy theories can be determined to be true or false within a few hours of examination, except the PID theory. There is a lack of old videos and photos and witnesses to support any...
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    Re: What a drone at night might look like

    I still have yet to see a video of a nighttime UFO making sharp angle turns, which was commonly described in early Ufology. This characteristic distinguished a genuine UFO from conventional aircraft....
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    If Putin did say this, then it is quite possible that North Korea does not have nuclear weapons because his words outweighs the western media. But for this astounding claim, where is the source?...
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