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    Re: Edward Snowden joins Twitter

    I think they are trained to only listen to the voice in their ear. Producer was probably trying to keep some shred dignity by ignoring the guy.
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    Re: Our Trip to Georgia Guidestones

    I really enjoyed my trip there in 2009. It is a really beautiful site and felt incredibly peaceful.
    Nice to see someone else enjoyed their trip there, as well.
    Unfortunately for so many people to...
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    heheheh Thanks for the chuckle. Always nice to see (un)common sense.
  4. Re: INFO Needed for a natural pregnancy and childbirth

    Definitely recommend she check out
    I think it is about $400 or so, but this nutritionist covers the information I spent about $10,000 learning with a naturopath during my...
  5. Re: Ischemic stroke in young adults, requesting recovery and treatment advice

    I strongly recommend locating a homeopathic physician who specialises in Heilkunst - sequential timeline therapy. I have literally seen miracles myself, and cannot recommend it highly enough. You...
  6. Re: Australian PM: "No vaccine? No 11k $ Welfare / Year! "

    The poll is still open on this page about whether Canada should be next.
  7. Re: 100 billion barrel discovery of oil can't even make the price go down!

    One must understand the economics of oil and currency.

    There is a treaty with Saudi about oil. The price is ALWAYS $55 per barrel at the dollar value at the time the treaty was made.

  8. Re: The Writings On The Walls... Any Needs For Translation?

    The really great thing is how little this actually matters (what the FDA or Health Canada or any other ignorant gouvernment orgnaisation trying to keep things under control for the pharmaceutical...
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    Re: Ontario regulating homeopathy

    If nobody supported it, it would collapse a lot faster. Our family physician is in a completely different province, but has already said they are moving to Europe if this garbage comes to their...
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    Ontario regulating homeopathy

    I am surprised 35 homeopaths were so foolish as to buy into it.
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    I had recurring cancer, which I cured in less than six months taking laetrile (I bought mine from TJ supply and they call it novodalin). I only took 100mg a day and I kept taking it for about two...
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    Re: Mom Goes to Prison for Five Months

    This is really ridiculous because the UK is one of the easiest places to unschool.
    She just needed to make a choice. When they are enrolled in school, they do have to be there. If you are...
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    Re: You are not the center of the universe

    For the folks who are real sticklers, I would say it is that the ego that is the you that thinks it is you is not the center of the universe. I am just not used to dealing with very many people who...
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    You are not the center of the universe

    This is making the rounds again, and I love what a great reminder it is. Enjoy.
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    Re: You can't sue big pharma for damages???

    You can always sue under equity or common law. People just don't know how to do it. The people who were willing to vaccinate in the first place aren't usually awake enough to realise there are...
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    Re: Media blitz against "anti-vaxxers"

    I feel sorry for anybody who is bothered by the media junk. What little I catch of it seems so ridiculous to me...
    The media has never had anything to do with my health decisions. Not Mercola or...
  17. Re: McDonald's is Dying Suffering 'Informed Social Media Networks Effect Syndrome'

    That is so funny because it is the only thing we have used them for in the last several years. LOL

    McDonald's or Tim Hortons.
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    Love Harrington. It is so beautiful. Looked at that area when first coming here. :) Sending you a private message. Thanks.
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    I will send you a private message if that is all right. :)
  20. Looking for locals - Squared away - thanks

    All squared away, so no further help needed, thanks.

    We are wanting to do a little ceremony, and are trying to find two people to come and witness it.
    I remember seeing some posts a while ago...
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