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    Re: The Art of Self-Acceptance!

    You always bring such good energy to the forum Darla - you light-worker you .. Thank you
    I try to help but am clearly an amateur by comparison. It's good to know I can revitalize from time to time...
  2. Re: Adm. George Hoover and the Roswell secret: the real abilities that humans have

    Thanks "The One", for creating this thread & thanks to everyone that have already replied.
    This resonates with me & I strongly agree with some of the replies (like Bill's) on this subject.
    One of...
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    Re: Membership on the forum

    Hello All, This will be the 1st & last time anyone sees me reply to this "subject" on anyone's threads of the same "subject" as I find the discussion of it a complete waste of energy that could be...
  4. Poll: Re: Bill + Inelia experimental seminar, Sacramento, CA, Saturday 30 April

    Hello All, per request from B&I here's my comments for how the event was & notes:
    1st of course is to give thanks to B&I for putting this together & having it, 2nd is to my higher self for allowing...
  5. Poll: Re: Bill + Inelia experimental seminar, Sacramento, CA, Saturday 30 April

    Hi Bill, the timing of this is perfect so I'm in.
    Normally I'd be traveling out of country for work around this time of year but by coincidence I'm hosting an extended project at my facilities which...
  6. Thread: Anger

    by NinJin

    Re: Anger

    Inanna, I know exactly the anger of which you speak, I also have been dealing with it this whole life for as long as I can remember
    It's a Rage, it's not "that upset me" or "that made me angry" it's...
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    Sanctuary Here - no charge

    Hello All, I don't post a lot but I'm always listening.

    I'm not online as much as a lot of other members & so when I do log in it takes me quite a while to look through all the new posts, threads,...
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    Re: Bill and Kerry at the 2011 Phoenix UFO Congress

    Great seeing the pics of the (3) of you together Bill :)
  9. Re: BLESSED UNREST - this is what we are doing at Project Avalon. MUST WATCH video

    Thanks for the post Bill, it's good to see a rallying of the troops (so to speak).
    The news (what you can believe) of America's current state seems to be getting worse & worse. Wisconsin, now...
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    Re: Most Important Video I've Ever Seen!

    Thank You for posting this Darla & for those that say it was posted previously then thanks to whomever had posted it in the past
    (since I missed it, I now acknowledge that it wasn't time for me to...
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    Re: Could you guys and girls help me please?

    not sure if my contribution will help or not but, you have it if you need it
    So many powerful beings, I'm dwarfed by most here but I'll keep trying to help ..
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    Re: Music with Attitude and Feeling

    Yeah, always loved DT - thanks 4 sharing
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    Re: Positive indicators of personal awakening

    Thanks to Pathwalker for the Great thread, thanks to witchy1 for the reply (couldn't of said it better as to exactly the things I'm doing on a daily basis lately).
    1. How do you know you are...
  14. Re: 380 more people have overunity technology in their hands

    Hello All, This is a subject near & dear to my heart (free energy for all) & so I wanted to share some of my research in hopes to help everyone.
    A little background about me, I am an...
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