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  1. Thread: John Lennon

    by vibrations

    Re: John Lennon

    Great stuff BP. Thank you very much.
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    Re: (sarcasm: ) 2011 Metatron is coming!

    Exactly. This is most important question.

    The one thing I feel most strongly about at the moment (besides preparing for whatever global instability might possibly be upon us in the next 12 months)...
  3. Thread: Fusioneer

    by vibrations

    Re: Fusioneer

    Extraordinary spirit, this guy. This is how the future is building.
  4. Re: Profound Experiences (Including the most amazing UFO I've seen in ways.......)

    Jesus, Omni, the pictures you made are fantastic. I am within art just little less than a half century and I can tell you this artistic expression is very very good.

    I listened the Carol's reading...
  5. Re: Request to you with healing abilities - urgently needed help

    We'll build you up dear Isa, power of such an amount of people is enormous. I didn't saw the thread from yesterday and now, seeing it I think it will go faster and better than you can imagine. Love...
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    Re: Cloaked ship revealed by Solar Flare?

    Guys I strongly believe this is one of the ships of a planetary size mentioned in Atlanticobr channel in YouTube. I have a very reliable confirmation that his information is very good and very real....
  7. Re: N Korea may soon be able to strike USA with ultimate doomsday weapon that deactiv

    Thank you ktlight. One of the most simple explained EMP weapons function.
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    Re: Anonymous - Message to the American People

    At least someone raising the voice. This act S.1867 is the entrance to the graveyard of the American (and not only American) people.
  9. Re: Request to you with healing abilities - urgently needed help

    hello WhiteFeather
    This information is a compilation of my own work, work of different medical and non medical professionals all over the world and years of contacts with them and efforts to help...
  10. Re: Fireball/Meteor Over The Moon: 12-4-11 Japan

    IMHO the space junk or small meteorite. Very typical view of burnout process by the entrance in the atmosphere.
  11. Re: Request to you with healing abilities - urgently needed help

    From my experience I can assure you, to find the trigger event needs normally quite a talking and digging, and when is found, the half of the healing is done.
  12. Re: My heart has a Q Pulse. What is it? Am I about to die?

    I can tell you about the heart from the Psychosomatic medicine point of view.
    The heart the emotional center of our body. If there is an emotional issue (which I will explain later) the subconscious...
  13. Re: Request to you with healing abilities - urgently needed help

    Dear Isa

    Just a healing energy from the people around you and us here maybe would not be enough.
    First of all, maybe you should know something about how everything starts. i will try to explain...
  14. Re: 6 Dec 2011 - NASA's Kepler Mission Confirms Its First Planet in Habitable Zone of

    Its' like schizophrenia. One is official science and then is the real one. Double personality of all this agencies is absolutely insane.
  15. Re: Mitchell Coombes: Does he really have access to insider info?

    As a Selene is saying, something could be wrong with this guy. maybe is just the fact there are various people using same account (which would be good for the "souppers") but that FBI claims are a...
  16. Re: Mitchell Coombes: Does he really have access to insider info?

    The words of Selene are very true, and there are two main points of view how I see this monitoring situations. First is propaganda which in a subtle way try to scare us with all that "high tech mambo...
  17. Thread: Con artists

    by vibrations

    Re: Con artists

    I have my own list of who to believe. Normally is "follow the money" enough and also with NLP and microexpressions we can get quite a clear picture. your thread is a very good one really.
    And I...
  18. Re: V-Shape UFO Formation Over Iceland Volcano 18/04/10

    Apart from my data, our member Onyxlight once explained to me various ship designs races involved here are using and one of them was almost exactly like one in a video. V shape, and he told me how...
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    Re: Un-Fooling Ourselves

    Beautifully exposed. I was just enjoying. Thank you for so bright ideas.
  20. Re: Mitchell Coombes: Does he really have access to insider info?

    Wow, thank you very much for the extense opinion. I like your way of thinking. I also breakdown things to start to feel the core. Maybe I shouldn't but is some kind of my tool to wake up the...
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