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    And all the runnoff ends up where the sea ......salt water which could potentially reactivate regenerate the salts it is made of ........MMS will assist in detox.........and bless your...
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    Re: Church of MMS?

    This is a typical Fake News story creating fear with misguiding information ,......been using MMS for 10 years daily ive seen many miralces... Unfortunatly i have found that one of the greatest...
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    Re: What do you make of this crazy video?

    Absolutley correct ...its subs and it was a few years ago
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    Re: Hello again, a healer is back

    It certainly can be difficult at times, we have to remember tho this Ascension process is a mammoth undertaking unknowable in its full form by any human, but we all have our part to play in the...
  5. Re: Telluric Currents, Geomorphology, Ley Lines, "Workings" and related

    Eric Dollard has replicated many of Teslas devices and currently building a Telluric project in California using Telluric currents for an advanced early warning seismic system,...
  6. Re: Julian Assange dead?? [largely exaggerated rumors] [Update: Post #2 and others - Assange Internet cut]

    From Jim Stone here;

    Scroll down the page to the heading "Wikileaks confirmed gone "
    where you will find this ;
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    Re: John Bedini - RIP

    Heres Jb,s latest device its a modern version of Rife -Priorie Tech done in Bedini,s way.....

    Utube vid by JB on the RPX sideband generator...
  8. Re: Obama Signs Executive Order: Space Weather Events

    It probably has a lot to do with Cern as this video shows.
  9. Re: Google's NWO satanic Illuminati symbol for today...

    I will share this for those that would understand it ...
    The Diamond is the Soul that you see..
    And the Circle is the heart...
    The symbol of the diamond with the circle inside represents the...
  10. Re: Reich & Rife: Cold Plasma and tissue/bone healing - New mainstream research

    Bedini did his work with Rife Tech in the 80,s but he released this just last month ............

  11. Re: Reich & Rife: Cold Plasma and tissue/bone healing - New mainstream research

    John bedini had Rifes original No #3 microscope he got it from John Crane who was close to Rife
    The link below will take you to Bedinis page where he tells his very interesting story about his...
  12. Re: Russian Scientists Announce Historic Discovery

    In reference to John Bedini being mentioned here if anyone is interested he shows how to do it in his ENERGY FROM THE VACUM SERIES
    Energy From The Vacum 18 Transmutation -Lifting The Veil 2010
  13. Re: Two hour Sydney-London flight on track for 2018 launch

    Its been around for sometime ....but not available to the ordinary folk.....
  14. Re: The Metcalf Substation incident, 16 April 2013: the 'terrorist' event you never heard of

    Citizen No2
    Heres the interview with Eric u spoke of ......the his theory on what is happening wit the grid starts at the 50 minute mark....50:00...........cheers
  15. Re: The Metcalf Substation incident, 16 April 2013: the 'terrorist' event you never heard of

    This is a report written by Jim Stone around 3 years ago it concerns not just substations but how the grid in us is being changed physically giving differences in times from the east to the...
  16. Re: Toronto students face suspension over immunization records

    This is a recent article from Jim Stone on vaccines naming vaccines and their ingredients that are known to be harmfull....

  17. Re: Rick Friedrich: Selfish Unthankful Circuits, or Loving Giving Paths: The Road to True Liberty

    Below was written by John Bedini himself about 2 years ago with regards to Rick Fredreich ......

    Web link..

    This is the history of the SG Radiant...
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    Re: One World, One Passport, Yes Please!

    From Jim Stone Website concerning the WSA Passport:

    The WSA passport has been proven legitimate
    To this date, the WSA passport has been accepted, without question for ALL identification...
  19. Re: Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?

    Heres a little more along the lines of the op,s post
  20. Re: China Building MASSIVE Particle Accelerator Twice The Size Of Large Hadron Collider

    if anyone is interested in Plasma physics it can be explained here by Keshe in laymans terms
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