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  1. Re: JFK ASSASSINATED TODAY 11/22/63 do you remember it?

    Thank you for this post. JFK and his demise has always been a subject of interest for me. The conspiracy of course. Memories of the 5th grade class being let out early and the teachers crying. Also...
  2. Re: NASA discovers alien SUGAR on board two fallen meteorites indicating possible origin of LIFE on Earth

    Or is this a fake story and it's really Aspartame?
  3. Re: Israel AG indicts Netanyahu on corruption charges, including bribery & fraud

    NuttinYahoo must have aligned himself with the wrong faction.
  4. Re: Healing comes from the Heart: Natural Healing Techniques

    Let me be clear Whisper. I'm very glad to read and watch what you post here. I am totally enamored of health, nutrition, and healing. It's what I am most proud of in my life, the things I've learned...
  5. Re: University Professor Claims Insects and Reptiles live on Mars

    When considering that some level of fraud has been employed, how can anything ostensibly from Mars be trusted? There seems to be credible evidence that some footage from Mars was actually from some...
  6. Re: Healing comes from the Heart: Natural Healing Techniques

    Whisper, with much respect I'll say that yes, everything comes to pass because of the way we think and what we believe. The science is very clear and has been fully established in the last decade....
  7. Re: Healing comes from the Heart: Natural Healing Techniques

    5th, allow me to support your contentions. It is difficult for most to understand your position. We're inundated with falsehoods, suppositions, presumptions, and marketing and advertising. Everyone...
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    Re: The Great Quotes thread

    Why imagine an easy life, when you can imagine being a strong person? - Unknown.

    95% of people sit around waiting for the other 5% to tell them what to do - A. Einstein
  9. Re: Aftershock: The Ancient Cataclysm That Erased Human History (the book by Brien Foerster)

    This is interesting. I was just looking at LaViolette books on Amazon and then find this post. Is the universe telling me to buy his books? haha. Thanks, the subject matter is appealing.
  10. Re: Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Gang Stalking / Targeted Individuals / Tinnitus !

    A person can benefit from these prayers even if they don't believe in the Christian model. The power of millions, perhaps billions, who do believe in the Abrahamic story is immense. Christ...
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    Re: What Will Happen In 2020?

    I believe Mother Earth is a living consciousness and will soon cleanse herself. Climate change could well be a cyclical method of doing so. The negative entities of the world are likely speeding up...
  12. Thread: What’s Cooking?

    by conk

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    We used to ask the kids, "who wants chocolate pudding"? Of course they did, so we served them the following:

    2 very ripe avocadoes
    1 tablespoon of raw cacao powder
    1 tablespoon of almond milk
  13. Thread: All About Cancer

    by conk

    Re: All About Cancer

    I looked for a reference and found this:
    "unique process that grinds the turmeric into nano particles. These particles are so fine that they penetrate the blood-brain barrier" ...
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    Re: Inspiring and Uplifting Art: a gift of grace


    The wonderful Dr. David Hawkins on how beautiful things enhance our life. Art, music, nature...
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    Re: Stop 5G before it's irreversible!

    What technology can we employ to protect ourselves in our homes? Short of a faraday cage, what simpler devices are available? There are many advertised, but how can it's efficacy be determined...
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    Re: Snowden says US gov isn't hiding aliens

    Perhaps it is not Snowden at all. The ease with which video deception can be created is remarkable.

    Or maybe he just needs a better search engine.
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    Re: Is CIVIL WAR in America coming?

    Story from the Washington Examiner. 75% of people believe a civil war is possible.
  19. Re: How to strengthen your intuition & hear your inner voice

    The gut is like a second (well, third after the Heart) that communicates directly with the first brain. For example, the bad bacteria in the gut will demand that you eat sugar and other junk foods....
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    Re: Is it self-hypnosis or is it something else?

    It truly is mind over matter. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

    Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief and Dr. Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural, explain how this is done. Thoughts...
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