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    Re: The Secret Of The Soul - and OBE

    HI !!! soleil !!! :wizard:

    HI !!! Orph !!! Glad I make you funny.. er, HAPPY!!! ccc. :wizard:
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    Re: The Secret Of The Soul - and OBE

    Hi!!! Violet!!!

    You prompt me to repeat myself, for I have mentioned this many times. cc.

    Religion is man made. By the powers that be, in control of this rock we live on, to "program" our...
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    Re: Avatars, every one of us

    You will laugh when you find out who you really are!

    I did...:wizard:
  4. Re: So True (Thomas Merton quote about a person's value)

    I heard a man say that we are, Immortal, that this body is not who we really are.

    It changed my life... forever.:wizard:
  5. Re: Unintentionally Killing Insects ... I Feel sad :-(

    This morning I suddenly got uncontrollable shivers. I was freezing and could not stop shaking. I went to my heater control to turn it up, but found it set to 76 degrees. Checked my thermometer. 76...
  6. Re: After Being Dead For Almost An Hour, Priest Says God Is A Woman (errr... sorry folks... it's a hoax)

    I do not believe in God. God is a total construct by religeon to control the masses.

    That's not to say there isn't a Supreme Being at the center of all that is.

    The Tibetan Buddhists have the...
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    Re: The Secret Of The Soul - and OBE

    HEY!! Maunagajana!!!

    YES!!!! Just thought I was wierd. This was waaaaay back before jumpin OB. I wuz headed for town in my car, when all of a sudden my "Base" "shockra",cc. started to vibrate....
  8. Re: Scientists Discover Black Hole 12 Billion Times As Massive As The Sun

    I tend to like things logical. By their very definition of how Black Holes work, they are not logical. So dense that not ebn light can escape them! Huh? Then how come they find them by ALL that...
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    Re: The Secret Of The Soul - and OBE

    I keep running across something that fully demonstrates what I talk qabout with Huna.

    These guys have it figured out pretty well.
    (#2, - Kala... anything is possible, if you can figure out how...
  10. Re: I just read this article from about the true Illuminati goals


    Click the Buttons below to read?

    Not a chance!!!

    Whistle blower???

    Not a chance!!!:wizard:
  11. Re: A personal request for your healing thoughts of peaceful resolutions

    Rule #1 - Never disagree with the Boss.

    Rule #2 - When asked for support by a co-worker... see rule #1

    Major problem when our only friends are those we work with. Especually when taking the...
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    Re: The Secret Of The Soul - and OBE

    Just in case you might have missed it, Bill posted a rather Powerful video. If you just can't come up with the time to watch it entirely, at least watch the first 3 1/2 minutes. (three and a half)
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    Re: The Hero's Journey, by Joseph Campbell

    Excellent video Bill, Thank you for posting it. Just watched it and find that it discribes my journey as I've outlined on my thread. Now I'm gonna go there and boost your thread some more. It's just...
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    Re: McAfee warns me against this site

    I find it quite curious that since joining Avalon, I get video choices on YT, for subject matter that I read on threads here, regardless of whether or not there is a video posted on the thread. It's...
  15. Re: You are a Rainbow; Seven Levels of Intelligence

    Such an energetic endevor to bring this great work to our attention.

    Thank you.

    But... ain't there sompthin in the forum rules about lengthy posts, when a simple explation and links would...
  16. Re: Pasco Police Shoot Man Throwing Rocks

    Sure come a long way... haven't we...

    Here'sa little sompthin for ya, we were singin half a century ago...


    step outta line and the man come...:wizard::wizard::wizard:
  17. Re: This is Awesome! (The speed of light is SO slow compared with the size of the universe)

    Here's a bit more for perspective. There are 33 galaxies in our cluster of galaxies to which our Milky Way belongs. Andromeda is our closest neighbor in that cluster. If we were to jump in a rocket...
  18. Re: Pasco Police Shoot Man Throwing Rocks

    Those who stand for nothing... will stand for anything.:wizard:
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    Re: Jupiter Shrimps?

    They probly went down there to get away from all that junk BP sprayed into the Gulf of Mexico!!!:wizard:
  20. Re: An Inner Core Within Earth's Inner Core

    Novel hypothesis? precisely. Smoke and mirrors. All designed to make us think the earth is solid, when in fact it is hollow. Crust, mantle, molten rock, inner mantle, inner crust, empty space, (as in...
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