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  1. Re: 10 Million Views within 20 Hrs ... Engine Revolution?

    I have mentioned this before, but will do so again here. When I was passing through Byron Bay I made an effort to contact and interview a few of the members of Byron New Energy who were working on a...
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    Re: Psychic Hotlines, A Personal Story

    Thanks, PathWalker. To know that I am not alone at this stage, and that I deserve support myself is worth more to me than I can put into words at this stage. Thank you.

    I guess I'm looking for a...
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    Psychic Hotlines, A Personal Story

    My partner, whom I have been seeing for almost a year, is a very gifted psychic. I have brought her back from a deep, deep pit of depression after her former partner, whom she had been with for four...
  4. Re: The Aussie Camino, And Other Pilgrimages

    Thanks, Mojo, for seeing in me what I can't see for myself. Yes, I guess I am searching for something meaningful in my life to do, to take me forward into a new phase. Something that defines me,...
  5. The Aussie Camino, And Other Pilgrimages

    I was surfing the net looking for spiritual places to go worldwide, and came upon a few pilgrimages I hadn't heard of before so I thought I'd share.

    We have all heard of the Camino de Santiago in...
  6. Re: Powerball Jackpot now 1.3 Billion... a crash in the making.

    Jamie, some insightful and kind thoughts. I have always thought that the lottery is rigged and used as a tool by the Dark Hearts to move money to where it's needed. Such a large part of all our...
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    Re: Best personal encounter to date

    Mojo, speaking for myself, i am in awe of many of your accounts and videos, and the depth of understanding you bring to them. You are a tremendous and positive presence here, for which I am...
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    Re: One World, One Passport, Yes Please!

    OK, I'd like to qualify my position. Last night when I posted this, I was tired and wasn't thinking to my full capacity. :whistle:

    Upon reflection, there should be no need for a passport of any...
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    One World, One Passport, Yes Please!

    It's concepts like these that highlight how artificial and controlled our world is. The issuance of a world passport that is accepted by all countries would so quickly change the world dynamic,...
  10. Re: Wishing all the very best for 2016 and beyond

    May all beings, everywhere, be happy.

    May this year see the crumbling of the control paradigm, the release of free energy devices, and our introduction to a benevolent galactic family.

  11. Re: Mass Produced Free Energy is Here! Introducing Orbo's O-Cube and O-Phone

    It's the principle we would invest in if we buy one of these. We are at the leading edge of an inevitable paradigm shift in energy systems on Earth, indeed, a shift in ALL man-made systems on Earth....
  12. Mass Produced Free Energy is Here! Introducing Orbo's O-Cube and O-Phone

    I first heard of Steorn years ago, and have been keeping an eye on them since. There was something about this company that just made me feel they had enough balls and resources and nouse to be the...
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    Re: wow...multiple UFOs over Chile.

    Andrew, I do believe that the South Americans are, in general, far more open to and aware of the ET presence. Benevolent ET's do not wish to engender fear with sightings of their craft as that would...
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    Re: Music to open your soul

    This sort of music opens my soul.

    Often the chanting of Tibetan monks can be dispassionate and far removed from western taste when it comes to music. With Deva Premal's collaboration I have found...
  15. Re: H.R.2262 U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act

    I rescind any claim that the United States Senate or any other regulatory body either on or off earth make with regards to owning or using any solar system based territory or resource.
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    Re: Don't Date An Abductee

    I'm an abductee and I'm proud of it! Now that could be a good motto for a bumper sticker!

    My abductee years stretched from the onset of puberty to around fifteen years ago. I met and interacted...
  17. Poll: Re: If ETs showed up at your door today, are you ready to leave?

    Many times I have called out for someone, anyone, to come and take me away. But the fact is, that I came here not for my own learning, but to be here to assist those around me as we go through The...
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    Re: Insider claims to meet with Blue Avian Humanoids on Giant Sphere

    I am humbled by what I do not know.

    Do I, in my limited understanding, have the ability to comprehend the technical capabilities of all beings in the universe?
  19. Re: Update from David Wilcock 2015-02-07: Secret Space Program Livestream TONIGHT!

    OK, back to some of the information as offered.

    I have never heard, anywhere, of claims of a giant's glass chair (Amongst other things) spinning through space in the B ring of Saturn. Anybody?
  20. Re: Update from David Wilcock 2015-02-07: Secret Space Program Livestream TONIGHT!

    TexasgoodETexSG mentioned that David was well looked upon by the establishment, and did, indeed, have ongoing contact with numerous insiders.

    I'm over two hours in and some stunning stuff is...
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