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    Re: The Reset Button...and a Terrible Question

    I think we nearing a crossroads and the PTB know it. Environmental degradation has reached a point where I do not foresee the earth being able to hang on much longer short of mass depopulation which...
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    Re: What exactly is the "Keshe Foundation"?

    I think there are several threads on Keshe on this forum. The last time, Keshe said he "released" all his findings and knowledge in a bunch of huge files and urged everyone to download and "make use"...
  3. Re: Secret Space Program Revealed - Latest from David Wilcock

    I have to vehemently disagree with what David Wilcock is freely espousing in his latest article (which he has written before). That you only need to be 51% good to "ascend"....

    So I have free...
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    Re: Ben Fulford excerpt from his most recent newsletter

    I am of the opinion that the "truther movement" has degenerated into what I term as Conspiratainment in the past 5 years.
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    Re: water wells as portals to another dimension?

    An urban legend....but interesting nonetheless.
  6. Re: Why ghosts don't cross over fully to the 'other side'

    About the imposter part, I totally agree and I think the vast majority of people do not grasp that the spiritual world is chock full of negative entities that seek to deceive, manipulate and harm...
  7. Re: The INCREDIBLE picture that 'proves' Adolf Hitler lived to 95 with his Brazilian lover

    I am a WW2 history fan and I don't believe this. It's like a TOTAL change of character for Hitler to just flee and live for decades more quietly and happily. He just doesnt seem that type. If it was...
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    Re: George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

    I don't understand all the media hype about this Zimmerman-Trayvon case. Really.

    In my mind, this is nothing but a psy-op.
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    Re: Vladimir Putin - weak in the face of America

    It's all lies, deceit, smoke and mirrors with govts, and if you would believe, all of them are in cahoots with each other. The global controlling structure is essentially masonic, and it is very easy...
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    Re: U.S. explodes with 100 anti-NSA protests

    While I think its good to openly show disagreement with all this surveilance, people need to educate themselves on recognizing how the PTB manipulate protests.

    This article actually sheds a lot of...
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    Re: Clif High WEBBOT : Global Coastal Event

    I never believed this, simply because its way over the top, like a movie Hollywood would conjure up.

    Are you telling me 1.2 billion people (did I get that number right) will perish just like...
  12. Re: How Angelina Jolie was duped by cancer doctors into self mutilation for breast cancer she never had

    If you subscribe to the clone theory, this may not even be the real Angelina Jolie anymore. Clones dont mind doing all these things, I would gather. So long as the toxic mainstream facade or agenda...
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    Re: Who is smarter than Stephen Hawking?

    This young chap is poised to become the next world chess champion.

    He has already broken the previous record for Elo rating, set by Garry Kasparov...
  14. $21 trillion stashed away by "global elite" - MSM news report

    Guys, this piece of news today in the MSM just came to my attention, and what strikes me is how incredulous it...
  15. Re: Disasterous Electrical Event? Pyramids, Chem Trails, Skyscrapers Protect Us?

    Fear porn, but it has its appeal too.

    If, according to him, the sun = the son, and it's coming back to wipe out Babylon, I too would welcome it.

    As for the Illuminati doing all this to protect...
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    Re: David Wilcock's False Predictions

    This is something I never figured out. I mean, why would he be going on speaking tours throughout this year and continue to promote his books and his albums like crazy if such a huge change is going...
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    Re: How Will these Major Events Shape 2012?

    I would keep an eye on the world economy. If it unravels this year as in 2008, or worse, it may turn out to be the "catalyst". This week, Greece appears to be poised to leave the Euro, and European...
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    Re: Is the Rothschild family being wrongly blamed?

    The Rothschilds are the hidden hand behind world affairs over the past few hundred years at least. They are only interested in money and controlling the scenes from behind.

    I think you have a...
  19. Re: Looks like "Doomsday Dec. 21, 2012" has been cancelled

    Yes, kreagle. People would do well to study the Bible. There is a lot of hidden truth in its pages.

    Let me relate a personal story. I have one Bible basher friend who is not the conventional...
  20. Re: Keshe Foundation gives free energy and other technology to ALL countries.

    It looks like web page trying to create calendar set up like a Trojan.[/QUOTE]

    Cant read it unfortunatly, i do not trust the calendar set up (pop up greys out the rest of the screen and cant...
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