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    Re: Hoaglands take on YU55 Nov 9th onwards...

    Personally, I wouldn't call that "adult conversation". I would call it name calling, baiting and insulting.

    It's often not so much what you are saying as how you say it.
    You might have said, "...
  2. Re: Extraterrestrial Music Enhancing Technology ~ Holographic Hip Hop

    I checked out the lyrics to this track to futher enhance my understanding of your theory,

    Everybody's got opinions
    on the way you're living
    But see they can't fill your shoes
    Life is made of...
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    Re: Hoaglands take on YU55 Nov 9th onwards...

    Better be careful, Trojan of pointing fingers on this forum. Though this is an open forum, there are loopholes on PA as well.[/QUOTE]

    Quite right Onawa,But i have also found that in having an...
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    Re: Hoaglands take on YU55 Nov 9th onwards...

    Okay Bill,you have done a nice job of decimating others info,info that you regard as factless or without any proof of authenticity,Would that be fair?
    Then you give your opinion and and make no...
  5. Re: Article on what the Corporation of the City of London really is ...

    this,kind of Disclosure,is very interesting,I listen to a lot of radio and the (controlled)news shows have changed and the satirical comedy shows have changed.
    Its as if they have went through Wake...
  6. Re: "Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow." Steve Jobs' last words, with his family surrounding him

    When my aunt died she asked us to lift her up,"help me over the wall they are all waiting".
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    You can say that again,,
    My BP has been rising and lowering like something rotten ( could be my job i suppose ), also have bouts of dizzyness, light headed and tiredness.

    Off to see the quack...
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    Re: Google Censors "War Crimes" Video..!

    whatever anyones opinion on alex jones ...this is a brave move.
    And another thing....since when does the President of America go on a tv show like ,the Jay Leno show
    That is a tv show for celebs...
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    Re: 'St Paul's damaged for a generation'

    sanctuary! sanctuary!
    he of the hunched back.
  10. Thread: Ungrip

    by the trojan

    Re: Ungrip


    I have not watched the video yet,but will do so this evening,I am interested in this list .
    It seems to me to be the standard freeman on the land approach,i would love to hear Lord Sids...
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    Re: Well, it's the 28th?

    I have been having marathon dream sessions and when I awake I feel satisfied that i was either arranging some future situation or coming to terms with something..
    Very lucid,and The other morning I...
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    Re: Alien Base Found At Chinese Pyramid

    "Nature is harsh here. There are no residents, let alone modern industry in the area, only a few migrating herdsmen to the north of the mountain."
    Locals told the two men that the pyramids were...
  13. Re: Just What IS the Galactic Federation-Defined

    Thanks, the trojan, for doing the great research. I hadn't gotten that far.

    I understand about wishes and hope. They don't get us very far in this 3D matrix. However, from what I understand,...
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    Re: Obama to visit Darwin during Australian visit..

    what events would that be?
    i have been reading about the drill arranged for 8th and 9th november,but this visit to aus is later.
    Am I missing something ,I would hate that.
  15. Re: Just What IS the Galactic Federation-Defined

    a Senior xenobiologist, this kind of jumped out at me as an interesting term and i thought 'xenophobia' so i did a wee google search,not the best search engine in the world(?) but of the first...
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    Due to the fact that whistleblowers don't always know what or why the boom might be lowered, there is understandably a lot of caution in presenting anything new and revealing.
    Recycling at least...
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    what are your thoughts on why there is little variation on the info shared by these people.
    Are they all just sharing the same story because they are essentially gossips?
    This thought pops into my...
  18. Re: 11 11 11 unleash the beast??? NWO (Video) Important info!!!

    i saw this guy in a video earlier in the year,dont know if the link was from here ,and he was very good to listen to regardless of his love for jesus.

    so now i am going to watch this one..

  19. Re: A Moebius Strip Which Made A Ship Disappear

    Hey, the one,I am interested in Dr. WE Boyd ,the name rings bells for me,where did you first come across this name/guy.

    or is it Dr W E Boyd ?

    ooops I should have clicked on the links!
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    Re: how many are hypocrites?

    Me me me!
    I am a hypocrite.
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