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    Re:Inelia's full interview now published

    thank you bill and inelia! I have been waiting to see this
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    Re: Is Monogamy Natural?

    Mods: are we allowed to request this thread visable to all? Seems like it may benefit the public yeah?
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    Re: Is Monogamy Natural?

    I loged on to this forum for the first time in weeks today and I am posting for the first time in months... Just happens that I am dealing with this exact issue in my life and I feel the need to...
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    Re: Charles' Abilities

    I wonder if anyone here has heard of Machelle Wright Small, she writes about communicating with Nature Intelligence, she's the founder of Perelandra, and her first book that many oldtimers may...
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    Re: I made a VIDEO just finished it.

    I want to see it! Will you post a link once you get it up?

    Ha ha found it 2 seconds later lol thanx!

    Grrrrr ACCESS DENIED... so yeah when you get it up... lol
  6. Re: Project Avalon YouTube channel - now live

    Im from Oregon too! What is your youtube channel called? Ill check it out :)
  7. Re: Personal Experience with Utopian Concepts

    I have read and reread most or your posts and I have to say that I feel like you are brilliant, and I am attentively taking mental notes on all your insights. I have a very strong vision to create a...
  8. Re: Personal Experience with Utopian Concepts

    Yes! I agree with all of it. In order for a community as such to be successful there must be an alignment in values as well. Thank you for your insight
  9. Re: Personal Experience with Utopian Concepts

    I am so glad I found this thread! Thank you all... especially write4change, your insight and wisdom is more than appreciated. As I said in my post on the thread "What happened to you???" I have...
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    Re: What Happened To You???

    We have all had so many interesting experiences! Thank you all for the insight into your lives.

    Without divulging my entire life story I will attempt to explain how I have arrived where I am. ...
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