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    Re: If a bird can fool us ?

    Lyrebirds are amazing! When we lived in the rainforest we often saw them around the house and heard their amazing calls. Now we hear them from a distance... still wonderful!
  2. Re: The murder of George Floyd in police hands, Minneapolis, 25 May 2020

    Having studied face structure at art school and through years of life drawing , to my trained eye this is definitely the same person. That nose has very distinct details in its structure that are...
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    Re: Ouija Stories

    Ouija boards played a huge role in my life. I actually wrote a book about the wild journey that began with a Ouija session. At the beginning of the book I include this warning:

    Happy to answer...
  4. Re: What's the first piece of music you spent your own money on?

    Responding to Akashas video of Centerfold by J Geils band. Wow we must be around the same age. I was nine and had just moved to the city from a small country town. I bought this single and Pat...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    Melinda Gates Cross is also photoshopped in the close up. In the regular pic it looks like an equal arm cross and in the close up it appears aa bit has been added to extend the top arm.
  6. Re: Doctors treating COVID naturally - The Antidotes

    When I feel my body fighting something I immediately get on my low EMF crystal heat mat. I put the setting on quite high and lay on it for as long as I can stand. It is a bit like inducing a...
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    I don't have TV so can't confirm but I have heard people in Australia and the UK who also claimed to have seen this message. If this is true then it gors beyond conmunity.
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    Re: Out of Shadows | A documentary

    Pheonix1304 mentioned this movie made them feel bad. I agree the content lowers vibration.
    The way I see it however, is that it is like we as a collective have a cancer. Many people either out of...
  9. Re: What was it like growing up with your generation?

    I'm an generation eXer and am so glad that my father decided that violence wasn't the way to solve problems. We learned many wonderful lessons growing up...but never through violence or humiliation. ...
  10. Re: BRIGHT MINDS OF AVALON help me problem solve this

    Yes I was wondering about a garden project. People could buy seeds and tools etc. At my son's school they have rsised beds and the kids love this type of work. You would likely need some adult...
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    Re: Has Google lifted Censorship?

    A woman I'm friends with on FB checked her loan balance a few days ago and discovered her $25 000 school loan had been reduced to 0. She was crying tears of joy. But then when she went back on the...
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    Re: Has Google lifted Censorship?

    Pepple on a FB vaccination page have been talking about this for about a week now. So it doesn't seem to just be a gliitch...or more like glitch is the new normal!
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    Re: The Reality of Immortality amongst you

    Hi, I'm curious...if you have only been in this body for 50 years, how can you be sure that you are immortal?
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    Re: The Underworld

    My personal experience of the underworld would lead me to describe it differently. For me the key word would not be chaotic...though at times it may present that way. For me the key word is...
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    Re: A Very Happy Birthday Bill Ryan!

    Happy Birthday Bill! Keep on shining your light xx
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    Re: Inner Monologue and the Mind's Eye

    I first became aware of this when a friend posted an am blog article about it. She was blown away because she had no 'internal monologue' and always assumed the term was just a figure of speech.
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    Re: The Messiah Complex

    Here is a very relevant excerpt from the first article I wrote for Wake Up World--- Discernment – Navigating The Spiritual Minefield...
  18. Re: Prince Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals

    Just adding my two cents in the who is Harry's real father question. As an artists trained to pay attention to facial details I feel I have a good eye for these things. Back when the story of Diana's...
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    Thank you Natalie ❤

    I do know Smokey as growing up in Canada we had more US tv channels than Canadian ones.

    Fortunately it is raining where I am today.... but we need sooo much more!
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    Blaming the Greens and arsonists is absurd. It really upsets me because this is so close to home....literally... friends lost homes and precious precious irreplaceable ancient forests were destroyed....
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