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    Re: I Look Forward to My Death

    same here Omni!!
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    Re: Scientists Create Solid Light

    To me this more like confirmation or Disclosure of secret advance technology, i was expecting and waiting for something thing like this coming out...keep asking myself when they coming out data or...
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    Re: Michael Tellinger : "We don't Need Money!"

    any Value Based Currency on the planet that we lived in is's mind blowing how we human on planet put values into stuff like Gold or Diamond not for anything but currency or progression...
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    Re: By the year 2045, just who will be alive ?

    the danger of humanity isn't any materials but themselves, while i'm on the train having a thought about stuff in society focusing in quanity or interest for the agenda not quality of life as a...
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    Re: Ready to share your fears?

    one of most fear of all fear is Public Speaking/doing Speech or what people call it stage fright...during school days i make up reasons not to delivering presentation.

    might not a fear but one of...
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    they just confirmed we already have it...subliminal disclosure.

    which first race human on earth going to meet?
  7. Re: Tolec concurs w/ David Wilcock, and Ben Fulford -"failing Cabal, and benevolent ET assistance"

    are you people who believe in this new age thing but when time comes doesn't happen like what tolec said and start to trash on tolec.
  8. Re: Star Trek: Enterprise Online - Season 3

    sound familiar what people have in here or other non-mainstream sites talked about with Aliens/Et's...checking it out now.
  9. Re: Bob Lazar, Area 51 Scientist Drives His Corvette for Free - US Government Suppresses the Technology!

    comes to these thing with Free Energy devices/technology(in term of free i'm mean no money or value attached) only way to happen is let it all know if anyone want to make money from it then forget...
  10. Re: Malaysian Plane MH17 shot down with over 295 on board. But by who?

    brother, this BRICS Development Bank pop up in my head today when i heard about the plane...not shock at all. just a warning or reminder everyone careful of WAG THE DOG thing with distraction from...
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    Re: Sherry Wilde - Contactee

    haven't watch the videos but from video title it said Abduction so she's not really a contactee and misleading...i consider Contactee who have face to face contact without manipulation with full...
  12. Re: Farage: UKIP backs direct democracy & use of referendums to keep government in check

    sadly i agree with some of you saying this is a dog and pony show but all i can is hope is wish Farage doing the right thing and going right direction.

    Direct Democracy or what ever you want to...
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    There May Be an Ancient Earth Inside Earth
  14. Re: Opt Out Of Common Core, Into Homeschooling


    it seems this Common Core thing is happening around the world..Agenda 21?
  15. Opt Out Of Common Core, Into Homeschooling

    anyone please care to explain what's Common Core is about and why such negativity about it...
  16. Re: Farage: UKIP backs direct democracy & use of referendums to keep government in check

    what ever ISM or democracy you want to call it but having people vote on issue/policy on my mind after Australia 2014 Budget and the circus going on in the parliament...the people are the one who...
  17. Re: Would ET contact challenge religious faith?

    i stop reading when i saw that sentence "“Are we alone in the universe?”...
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    Re: Michael Tellinger : "We don't Need Money!"

    money is illusion so why we focusing on it anyway? any value based system will not work, money still exist but we should focus on quality of life not the economic numbers...get rid of money might...
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    Are We Welcome in Space?

    as a whole human on earth, are we welcome travel in space from one star system which have some civilization other another star system? Most importantly TPTB already have these Star Trek Technology...
  20. Re: Massive Ocean Discovered DEEP Within the Earth

    from the title one thing popup in my head is Middle Earth...
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