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  1. Re: ~ 21st Century Targeting

    Wrote an article that I think almost every targeted individual could benefit from reading if they are capable of seeing it's truth. Even non TIs benefit from reading this IMO with how abundant these...
  2. Re: ~ 21st Century Targeting

    Clinton's apology is meaningless ****. period. He is a liar............[/QUOTE]

    Being able to detect when someone is lying and telling the truth is useful. :)
  3. Re: ~ 21st Century Targeting

    Instead of a Victim, become a Survivor Art I just made, which is now on the footer of every page(much bigger on the site):...
  4. Re: The Corey Goode affair: various updates from David Wilcock

    Edit: receiving attacks for posting my views on this psy op, so i deleted this long post just to see if they would stop. and the attacks stopped while editing the post... Not even worth it.. People...
  5. Re: ~ 21st Century Targeting

    Wrote an article last night defining what a targeted individual is for those who may not know...

    Full Article

    Source Link: ...
  6. Re: ~ 21st Century Targeting

    You're Welcome :)

    No what is that? I may have read about it at some point, it sounds a tiny bit familiar.

    Yes I keep an orgone pyramid at my computer desk.
  7. Re: ~ 21st Century Targeting

    This is my least favorite question :( In my experiences electronic attacks are impossible to avoid in most cases. Every human has a brain and body, and the brain/body is the major target of these...
  8. Re: ~ 21st Century Targeting

    Today I wrote an article about TIs taking action in the form of violence, that I feel is very good to get out to TIs. I have posted it on a big TI facebook group and on twitter and would love any...
  9. Re: ~ 21st Century Targeting

    Bill Clinton's US Government Apology to Targeted Individuals of the Past:
    I personally do not accept this apology. The people who do this stuff do it thinking there will be no penalty,...
  10. Re: ~ 21st Century Targeting

    Wrote another one today:

    Full Article:

    Source Link:
  11. Re: ~ 21st Century Targeting

    I firmly believe that Extraterrestrials have been using these technologies for millennia on the population. Including mind control, which was often diagnosed as demonic possession.

  12. ~ 21st Century Targeting

    I bought a brand new domain this month I plan on doing major work on in the coming years. A Targeted Individual website. Reason why I decided to do this is most TIs are very against the idea of...
  13. Re: What happened to Kerry Cassidy on 24-25 April, 2015

    To the people doubting this could be a technological thing... I'm curious. What has happened in your view that IS technological? Everyone in the know knows they have this stuff. Do you think they...
  14. Re: filters out mainstream media (24 hour public test drive)

    Here is the website submission link:

    I have submitted Avalon since it wasn't showing up in results.
  15. How did the Ancients Learn of Naturopathic Cures?

    Wrote an article with my thoughts on how the ancients learned naturopathic cures:

    Full Article:

    Source Link: ...
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    Re: this REALLY a thing?

    Violence is never the answer with these situations. That is what they want.

    Absolutely incorrect. Targeting programs are abundant. Easily explained as paranoia to the uninitiated...
  17. Re: Must Read: The Matrix Deciphered by Dr Robert Duncan

    Do you say these same comments in New Age threads? Mind control and black project technology information is much more solid than pretty much any field of new age stuff,......not saying it is always...
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    Re: this REALLY a thing?

    I forgot to mention one of the most important parts. A lot of it is to psychologically direct/manipulate people, on top of discrediting them. So reacting less to it is a winning formula.
  19. Re: Must Read: The Matrix Deciphered by Dr Robert Duncan

    Dr. Robert Duncan's Harvard Degree:

    I am also in contact with him. One of his email addresses is a harvard email......
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    Re: this REALLY a thing?

    What you speak of with the people saying private convos is called "Street Theater" in targeted individual terms. With the most severe targets they have their thoughts broadcast to other people, and...
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