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  1. Re: Mayan secrets to be revealed by Mexican government

    don't know what the documentary has to say but i just got back from chitchen itza about a month ago and had a wonderful guide. i was there on the summer equinox and it was the strangest thing...
  2. Re: Black Project Technology (An in depth email I wrote I decided to post)

    thanks for your dedication. this made a big impact on me due to a personal experience i have had with someone who was manipulted with extreme amounts of mind control. it is a big task to take on...
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    Re: The Inelia thread

    Has the video Bill and Inelia produced (and a portion pre-screened by mods) been released? I haven't been able to log in as much lately as I would like; and I was looking forward to that info. Would...
  4. Egyptian Antiquities Chief Hawass sentenced to one year in prision

    Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass has been sentenced to one year of hard labor and a LE1000 fine for failing to fulfill a court ruling over a land dispute. He has also been relieved of...
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    Re: Sun Gazing...Solar Healing

    i have been so extremely busy that i cannot even find time to look at the sun. freakin' heck! that's just no excuse. by the time i get done with everything it's setting. maybe a good sunrise is in...
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    Re: Incarnation, choice and the TPTB

    (i believe) we must catalog all expressions of life for our (co-creating) soul...that's all. but takes quite a few several tries. i have a hard time with a past life where i was an unscrupulous...
  7. Re: What really happened to Project Camelot: an interview by Mel Fabregas

    hate to say "nanny nanny boo boo" but...."NANNY NANNY BOO BOO * I TOLD YA SO" i always felt kerry and bill were players gettin' played. and just knew they would snap out of it. yay!!! hey powers...
  8. Re: Unplugging the Patriarchy - a new interview with Lucia Rene

    enjoyed the material from this video very much. enjoyed just listening to her voice best of all. i found the back and forth (with you two) seemed almost like a song. wish we all could speak and...
  9. Re: ** Avalon Old-Timers Thread (NEWCOMERS WELCOME!)**

    :walking in, grabbing a light, puff puff:

    i ain't a youngun' but i reckon i'm young to y'all. hadn't been here in a week there or abouts because i've been so swamped. but all the while i knew...
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    Re: Andrew Basagio

    one of my favs!! thanks for posting; will listen to it while i work. cheers!
  11. Re: WARNING..the entire world is getting nuttier

    and i saw today the race to put women's viagra on the market for this "disorder." mother of god.
  12. Re: Questions and Answers about the Gulf Oil Catastrophe

    not sure where to put this, but i think it speaks volumes that they want to give money back to the source (bp). there are a lot of families that lost a lot of money, and they should get something...
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    Re: Overwhelming Intense Feelings

    i can say since 2011 started i have had one blow after another...and i keep rolling with the punches, turning negative into positive when i can. but i think you may be onto something. i am not a...
  14. Re: Category 5 cyclone Announcement by Premier of Queensland

    the people of australia will need our love and support for many moons. this kind of situation brings out the best and the worst in people. my vote is for BEST!
  15. Re: Riots Explode in Egypt As People Protest Against The Government!!!

    so mubarak is not running again. my friend is safe and sound, but is a little wigged out. it was pretty hectic getting out, they ended up in dubai instead of the uk...and had to leave her cat in...
  16. Re: Riots Explode in Egypt As People Protest Against The Government!!!

    awesome! my first use of quotes! :lever:

    thanks for explaining those details. is there any reason a dial-up modem might be helpful in america to communicate messages? like flares or...
  17. Thread: Pineal Gland

    by pinkfrost

    Re: Pineal Gland

    if i look back on my "alternative lifestyle" i believe it was "activation of my pineal gland" that i fell into the whole that is fluoride. i already try to incorporate some of things you suggest...
  18. Re: Fluoride - a conversation with an insider who knows the real story

    i get my water through reverse osmosis, but it sits in a plastic 5 gallon bottle, so that's probably not great. i long since stopped with the toothpastes and mouthwashes and haven't found any...
  19. Re: Riots Explode in Egypt As People Protest Against The Government!!!

    listening to last nights coast to coast am (at least i think it's last night's) and the first guest had a good idea for everyone to keep an old dial up modum and the software to run it for...
  20. Thread: Deja vu

    by pinkfrost

    Re: Deja Vu

    janos, that is such a gorgeous post. yeah, j'adore converging timeline theory. :cool:
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