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  1. Re: The Mandela Effect. Is this CERN? Project Pegasus? The Montauk Project? The Philadelphia Experiment?

    I was curious about this so just thought I'd go and check it out in my mothers old encyclopaedias. I did find it in The wonderland of knowledge, Volume 1, Marvels of invention, and the portrait of...
  2. Re: Is the counterculture today doing a better job than the counterculture in the 60s and 70s?

    We have a huge mountain to climb but how do you climb a mountain- one step at a time. Yes, you need the support of other climbers, knowledge of the climb ahead and ropes etc.

    Maybe that's our...
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    Re: ET's vs EDE's


    The CERN collider was supposed to keep the portal open but it failed, and it looks like they are not going get the new one build in Japan in time.

    In Joseph Farrells...
  4. Re: Dr. Rima Laibow & General Bert Stubblebine III (U.S. Army, Retired) | An Army General Discusses 911, Military Drills On US Soil, And Geoengineering

    Thanks Limor.
    The onion certainly has many layers!!
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    Re: 30-year mini Ice Age coming very soon?

    I'm in the camp that believes our human industrial activity has had little impact upon the climate. However, I don't think any person would doubt the rape and pillage man has made upon our beautiful...
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    I'm sure every past generation has thought they were in the "end times". IMHO those jigsaw pieces are falling into place more so now, than in the past they ever could have done.
    Time will tell, as...
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    Re: Earliest Memories

    I call them" remembering my rememberings'.
    I have made a conscious choice of revisiting my childhood rememberings, the first being in my Mothers womb, not wanting to be born, hearing voices saying...
  8. Re: A major new interview with a Project Avalon Whistleblower (Questions for GoodETxSG)

    Dear Good ET, I have followed this and your other threads with great interest and would like to take this opportunity to thank not only you but your family.
    Only yesterday I was thinking of my own...
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    Re: THE ULTIMATE PLAN (a fairy story... maybe)

    Thank you Bill for your interesting if not alarming "Tale"

    I would just like to add and I hope I'm right in my thinking. I believe our wonderful planet is a soul in her own right and to be here...
  10. Re: The "How much can you pack into 2 words" thread

    Carpe diem - seize the day

    Great minds crosby... You just beat me to it.
    Oh theres another- great minds!
  11. Re: No chemtrails NW UK on Good Friday, and disclosure on Geo-engineering

    Skies look " normal " again today. Has been a fab blue sky week. What a joy!
    Thanks for the above link. Can't wait to show my unbelieving hubby. Oh, the disagreements we do have on this very...
  12. Re: Avalon SW meet-up - we're doing it again! This time with guest Miles Johnston

    What a great time we had. Meeting up with like minded people was so refreshing. Many thanks to Miles and lovely Mijram for giving up their time and to Simone for organising and Lysander too. Great...
  13. Re: Avalon SW meet-up - we're doing it again! This time with guest Miles Johnston

    Very excited, looking forward to meeting you all.
  14. Re: Dr J. Chiappalone: The Great Awakening...UFOs & the End of the Ages...

    I've listened to about 50 mins so far and will continue to listen to it all.
    But I'm deeply troubled and saddened from what I 've heard so far. In fact I've had to switch off, watched a re run of...
  15. Re: Anyone interested in an AVALON SW meet-up?

    Hi Spirithorse,
    Have sent you a PM.
  16. Re: Anyone interested in an AVALON SW meet-up?

    Hi there,
    Would love to meet up. Unfortunately, I can't make the London meet up but this one may fit the bill.
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    Just a very quick response . I'm so very proud to be part of Avalon. Thank you Bill, Simon, Karelia. Great interview.
  18. Re: Please help: my Dad has stage 3-4 kidney disease - alternative treatments, diet regime? (Update: he has now died)

    Hi Eyes wide open,
    So sorry to hear about your Dad,
    Kidney disease is a very complicated condition. My eldest daughter also has 3 rd stage renal failure and has done since she was 6 years old, now...
  19. Re: The 'Sugar' scare in MSM - another con for aspartame type poisons

    I can't help but think of all the poor Mums who think they are doing the right thing and buying into this!!
    Aspartame is even in the ordinary squash. Makes my blood boil. Choice is becoming more and...
  20. Re: An alien prediction regarding human population control

    Hi Bright,
    Haven't looked at your vid yet but just a quick thought / question.
    Why are we here in such numbers? Ive thought there must be a reason. If we choose to be here before we are born, surly...
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