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  1. Re: 'They Live' (1988, director John Carpenter)

    Excellent point!

    WE can see the poignancy now 30 years later and so would a lot of others that may not have entertained the thought at that time. With that said there would be a lot of additional...
  2. Re: 'They Live' (1988, director John Carpenter)


    Could this be true then?

    "Sociopaths or psychopaths are individuals who lack empathy and engage in...
  3. Re: 'They Live' (1988, director John Carpenter)

    Thank you Daozen :)

    I did a search before posting and couldn't find anything which really surprised me.

    I'm still learning so I wasn't too surprised I couldn't search to find it lol

    Mods, if...
  4. 'They Live' (1988, director John Carpenter)

    I think most of us have seen at least the trailer of 'They Live':


    I haven't seen the following video before now, but it's uncannily familiar to these times and thought provoking so...
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