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  1. Re: Nigel Farages UKIP may gain first Westminster MP..........

    I'm glad he's confessing to creating this chaos over the years as an advisor to our government's foreign policy. He should be the 1st ego sworn in. Now as for them being the cure? Really, he's...
  2. Re: Good News! Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval

    Those companies WILL HAVE TO USE that energy source to power their businesses, because to spend on oil when salt water is plentiful, and the dwindling potable waters in our lakes, streams/ponds,...
  3. Re: Good News! Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval

    Yeah and not to mention Sea going Ships ha![/QUOTE]

    You mean ships as in "Archs?" Perhaps under sea pressurized subs below the turmoil of tsunami's What can we accomplish with this wonderful...
  4. Re: NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought......the JourNey BeGins

    Great movie for me today, I just popped in because it's my sabbath and I just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful, wonderfully lifting day of joy.

    I'll do this, during verse time, and after...
  5. Re: Killer robots a small step away and must be outlawed, says top UN official

    If we were were fighting a advanced race of malevolent beings, perhaps that will stop some of the deaths, but "vaporization, cares not what chemical that activates to solidify. Instamelt, dissolve...
  6. Re: Valuable Info Worth Noting - You NEED To "C" This...Pass It Around

    Did the puppy live from parvo, or did they have to continue every day with the dosing to survive normally w/appetite?

    I used 'chicken flavored packet" in the oodles of noodles poured the dry mix...
  7. Re: Wow! Unknown orange/red glow over Pacific Ocean - August 24, 2014

    I've never heard of the colors of green, light pale blue or white from a volcano. I posted that I thought it was an USO ET mothership or base below surface. I can see if the colors were just red,...
  8. Re: Hemp-Based Batteries Could Change the Way We Store Energy Forever

    Dyk that I had to click on one of the other upper articles to enter the page? Wow, somebody is trying very hard to keep this little hush hush silent. Too bad for their greedy little minds. Now if...
  9. Re: Help me understand a vision of anarchist society

    Sorry, but you will never get these stick in the muds to think past themselves and therefore, we must rely on those like minded like us that are unconditional, yet careful to not invite chaos as a...
  10. Re: Help me understand a vision of anarchist society

    A good example would be a "crash" during the week of the election. Then you'll see chaos as people run to the banks, before running to vote.

    I agree that the maladjusted greedy people/humans of...
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    Re: Wisdom council

    I recommend It's our generation of skilled and career people like nurses and other scientist and researchers, economist like Krugman that will kick this country into high gear of...
  12. Re: Germany seeking to leave European Union (EU) and join BRICS (Sorca Faal)

    As it stands, China, Russia, America, Britain, and France aren't intervening and funding ISIS, but the cabal funded it by crushing all the economies to buy the weaponry to fight them all. So there...
  13. Re: Germany seeking to leave European Union (EU) and join BRICS (Sorca Faal)

    I knew this was coming. They played by the rules, and the global gamesters tried to sink them. Well, they are the perfect nation to say: "Fool me once, your the fool, fool me twice and I'm the...
  14. Re: 37 years ago my first UFO experience .....

    But did you keep your eyes open? If there wasn't any lost time between when you became aware that you were tired and the time you were struggling to remain aware, perhaps there wasn't an abduction. ...
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    Re: Electrical Brain Stimulation

    Seems like everything they told us was no good for us, has proven to be wrong. With that track record, don't you think we need the real pros in charge and not some bought out elite monsters. WE...
  16. Re: Breaking: CDC whistleblower Thompson in grave danger now

    He has to go incognito and blend in a area that he's not known in. He can use dye for the hair, and trampy clothing like a homeless person to get to and from where ever it will be. All...
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    Re: Where can I host a few PDF downloads?

    Mozilla Firefox provides a download center, and they don't download pop-ups. At least when I have I hadn't had a problem I put it on my pc desktop for quick access, watch it at a convenient time,...
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    Re: Asking for your help

    Eat some chicken soup with sliced fresh garlic in the broth. It will strengthen the immune system. Also take some baking soda to ph your body. Disease can't survive in a ph balanced body.
  19. Re: Oldest Evidence for Egyptian Mummy Making Discovered

    You know what, I'm wondering? I'm wondering if they are looking for all 10 plagues of Egyptian era/Exodus? They are always core sampling mass graves in northern frozen climates, and digging up...
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    Re: Wake up call heavy metal

    Like that one. Straight and to the point, and succinct with what has gone on throughout history that destroys everyone and every thing. The blame is laid firmly on the "mental illness of EXTREME...
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