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  1. Re: Dolores Cannon Hypnosis students/ Abduction

    There i s a list for you, I did level 1 in 2011 and loved it - done 30+ regressions with some amazing past lives and historic lessons. ETs are the...
  2. Re: 5 Feb 2015 - Dawn Gets Closer Views of Ceres

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    Re: Sorry Avalon... was so, so unexpected....

    (If she had a sense of humor - I'm guessing she did - she'd appreciate that) :P
  4. Re: Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

    "Elephants" in the stone circle if you ask me.

    The logistics Tellinger spells out : the time involved in making just one circle is just not feasible - the shear volume of them is almost...
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    They prolly b usin' cloud cloakin
  6. Re: SHOCKING NEW INTERVIEW! CHEMTRAILS Kristen Meghan USAF Air Force Whistle Blower! USAF

    It's just like the criminals do everything they want - openly - even whistle blowers don't seem to stop the mayhem. I believe no one will make a stand (arrest) in any of these situations.
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    Re: Alex Jones /

    I don't know...[/QUOTE]


    yeah sure i'm a cia agent trying to fool 5 random dudes about alex jones the savior of man kind :)[/QUOTE]

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    Re: Alex Jones /

    I don't know...[/QUOTE]

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    Re: Alex Jones /

    So what are the alternatives?
  10. Re: Massive UFO Sighting - NASA shuts live feed

    tfotm = disinfo

    Even if tfotm occasionally throws in a genuine one every now and then.
  11. Hoax: Ultimate Betrayal is about to Take Place - The Countdown is On

    Creative writing can suck anyone in. This is BS I believe.Sorry OP
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    Re: "The Interview" - free on Youtube

    worst movie ever
  13. Re: social network looks like a scam / trap. Linked to beforeitsnews not secure...

    Use their systems against them. How? By posting this and every thing truth related. That IS the infowar.

    Don't be scared, but don't say stupid incriminating things either.

    Truth wins in the...
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    Re: I think I am awake now

    11 Shocking Things...
  15. Re: Reptilians Among Us - The Alien Race 'Here' On Earth - Viewer Discretion

    I have similar thoughts on the subject , but am totally open minded and
    the Reptiles were on the planet before mammals if we believe evolution.
    The video above is not by Davis Icke , though some...
  16. Re: Thank you Bill and Kerry for Catapulting my awakening (and others)

    I remember the John Lear, then the Gordon, Green, Boriska, Dean - then I was in! Man it seems so long ago eh? Bottom almost everything with information is out now, the problem is, no one cares about...
  17. Re: 24 Nov 2014 - Young Volcanoes on the Moon

    awww NASA - when you gonna come clean?
  18. Re: "Origins" Exclusive Worldwide Premiere

    Kind of like a "health Zeitgeist" good stuff :)
  19. Re: Satanists under Investigation? -- Common Law Court

    This is more information , the deathbed confession of a satanist.

    Man I hate these satanic pedos.
  20. Re: Is This 'Rare' Cloud Formation a Haarp Hole?

    I saw it while drinking morning coffee live- looked like a ship to me.
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