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  1. Re: Norwegian farmed salmon: a serious health hazard through Ethoxyquin and other pesticides

    Thank you for that information!

    Apparently even farmed rainbow trout are fed astaxanthin in order to produce a salmon-like flesh colour, with are then sold in the US as "steelheads", however in...
  2. Norwegian farmed salmon: a serious health hazard through Ethoxyquin and other pesticides

    This information is from a documentary called "Poisonous Fish: The Big Health Lie" that aired in November 2014, produced by Austrian national TV (ORF):...
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    Re: I am finally flying again

    Thank you very much for sharing all that you have shared here, and all the best for your future journey!
  4. Re: Stunning new advance in metallurgy - nano-coated steel, stronger and more durable

    For those of us wondering when exactly the LHC is going to power up again, I found the following info:

    In Mid-March, they are running...
  5. Thread: Milk

    by hohoemi

    Re: Milk

    I used to buy raw milk from an organic food store (denn's) in austria for a while - they offer several brands, and cow milk seemed to be available year round, while sheep and goat milk varied...
  6. Re: Breatharianism, and living on Prana: a how-to guide

    Hi Dawn,

    I hope you're still watching this thread?

    Summary (if you want to avoid the longer version)
    Could you explain how your light trap experience fits with your nirvikalpi samadhi and...
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    Re: help please, thyroid cancer

    In case this thread doesn't get restored, here's a printout I did of the first two pages:


    (not the best format since I didn't use the print-thread-settings, but better than nothing...
  8. Re: Q and A about Ron Hubbard, Bill Robertson, Scientology, the Free Zone, Ron's Org, Planet Earth. Jim, and the Future

    Hi Bram,

    I don't know about Scientology, but your question reminded me of Holographic Kinetics by Steve Richards (discussed elsewhere on the forum), so here's his answer in case your interested in...
  9. Re: The new Tesla, Dollard's lab has been destroyed, need help

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
    Donated now, might donate again later :)
  10. Re: 2012, Light Flashes, Lucifer and symbols.... ?

    I can't watch the video right now, but regarding

    that's an aesthetic typographical device called ligature, where some letters are combined to give a more smooth/balanced look. See...
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    Re: $15 Faraday Cage

    How does one know when it is safe to take stuff out of the Faraday Cage again?
    Is there a way to measure it?
  12. Re: Mitchell Coombes: Does he really have access to insider info?

    If I understand it correctly, the reply by Mitchell that you see in the comments in the screenshot, it's just facebook putting a picture of what's in the link there.

    If you go to Mitchell's site...
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    Re: finally proven (Science tests republicans)

    Hi Carmody,

    thanks for this thread, the information about how quick/lazy thinking differs from long-term contemplation, and how fragmenting our thought-processes leads to a rewiring of the brain...
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    Re: My Truth Bomb For Today

    in regard to the logged-in vs. logged out thing:

    i'm reasonably sure that when logged out it shows some kind of default time,
    and when logged in it shows the time from the view of the time zone...
  15. Re: Internet vulnerability: surviving a DNS attack.

    @ bryn ap gwilym
    i probably misunderstood the question because of something i was wondering myself:
    how do you get an ip adress once the DNS is down?
    in any case, thanks for the nslookup command!...
  16. Re: Internet vulnerability: surviving a DNS attack.


    in regard to nslookup: from what i understand it's just another way to query a DNS (domain name server) to get the IP address.
    this won't solve the problem of the global blackout since the...
  17. Re: Mitchell Coombes: Does he really have access to insider info?

    Hi all,

    for those of you who want to have a look at the induction magnetometer pictures,
    here's a link to a zipped archive of all the pictures for 2011 (minus a few days in april when there is no...
  18. Re: Mitchell Coombes: Does he really have access to insider info?

    I second that - thank you misericordia!
    Although I haven't joined the discussion myself, I'm keeping an eye on it and hoping that mitchell re-appears on the face of the earth/facebook :)
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    Comet Elenin NOT exploding & NOT changing course

    if, like me, you at first found the youtube footage of comet elenin exploding convincing, here's a short summary of why I now believe it's a "trick of the eye" :)

    1) Claim: An explosion from...
  20. Re: A new timeline: everyone paid to do spiritual work, meditation and teaching

    would you mind expanding on what you know about how that works & what it's like? (anarchy-BASED society sound different than simply having no kind of legislative/judicative/executive bodies)
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