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    Re: David Icke on 5G and Covid-19

    By the way, medical scientists claim to have isolated covid-19, which puts a major hole in DI's theory:
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    Re: NASA plans moon base ARTEMIS for 2024

    The evidence for the secret space program is fairly sound. Richard Dolan and others have done copious research to show that it exists. Arthur Neuman (I believe that's his name) was a credible...
  3. Re: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms 'worsen'

    I hope Boris doesn't go down. They wouldn't have completed brexit without him.
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    Re: Help Reclaim our World from the Evils

    A million points of positive human light, come together and love a positive future. And so it is.
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    Re: UFOs on the Moon, March 2020

    I thought that the craft were far too large to be plausible. Given that these craft were supposedly passing over the crescent edge of the moon, as they passed over that massive impact crater they'd...
  6. Re: Mass Grave of Ancient Race of Dwarfs Discovered - Robert Sepehr

    Great video, John. Thanks for posting.

    Reminds me of 'Giants Who Ruled Ancient America'. I heard a video about the author who documented 19th century newspaper articles that chronicled the...
  7. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    Last spring at a campsite with low powered binoculars I saw a series of high altitude moving lights, they appeared in succession, perhaps 3 or four. A friend suggested they might be from space x,...
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    Re: Eric Schmidt, Chinese Agent

    I was wondering where that Chinese internet 'social credit' system came from.
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    Re: Would God really send people to hell....

    Most of us really can't see the full picture of how the cycle of life and after life really works. After regarding the literature, and utilizing personal experience, you have to formulate your own...
  10. Re: 900-year-old prediction of Popes coming to an end NOW

    I am pretty sure that life will go on as usual even after this pope. The Spanish flu killed millions and that wasn't the end of the world. As per an internet lookup: "The Black Death, caused by...
  11. Re: The true and lost history of the Tuth De Dian people

    My parents are from the north coast of Ireland. A beautiful green land, home of smart and spiritual people. The Irish of any creed have a shamanic heritage.
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    Re: Barry Littleton: contactee

    The thing I found surprising is that Barry felt an energy that Corey Goode has experienced some off world type event(s). Is it possible that Goode is an abductee programmed to disseminate disinfo?
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    Malleable stone is definitely a likelihood for the anti-deluvians, however it wasn't their only advanced stoneworking tech. I've seen a video on an ancient quarry near the asov sea that had thin cut...
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    The amount of megalithic physical evidence is quite fascinating. The complexity of the Giza pyramids quite clearly points to an anti-deluvian advanced civilization. The size of the balbek artifacts...
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    Re: Turkey vs Europe?

    I read somewhere that Erdogan aspires to resurrect the Turkish/ottoman empire. Thus his incursions into Syria, Libya and now opening the flood gates to Europe. I also understand that his son was...
  16. Re: Proxima Centauri b ETs rescue Julian Assange, teleport Donald Trump into Belmarsh prison!

    Dennis, releasing 'classified' documents that gets the government mad at you, and thus Julian's harsh potential prison time, does not necessarily mean that the ds/nwo has been exposed. That's why I...
  17. Re: Proxima Centauri b ETs rescue Julian Assange, teleport Donald Trump into Belmarsh prison!

    Dennis, please clarify the proof supporting this assertion:

    "Do you think people are actually ignorant, and don't even realize that Assange has done the most of any human in history to expose...
  18. Re: Comments on videos/articles on the Horus-Ra thread

    There is a very strange dynamic occurring on Earth. Human spirits are apparently of divine descent, but we don't realize it. Thus you find people working on self-realization.

    Next, in order to...
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    Re: Julia (HereToGrow) may lose her home

    I like the hippy chick stuff. And they thought us hippies were flakes back in the sixties! You sure aren't a flake, Julia! Good luck with your endeavours.
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    Re: Where are the positive ETs?

    This raises a good question. From many sources of near death experience survivors, we are apparently being closely monitored, and supported, from the spirit world. Therefore, even though the...
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