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    Re: A Sign of the Times: Black Friday Madness

    Black Friday There are several later theories about what commemorates Black Friday. The oldest, however, is the feast of 1621, when Puritan colonizers of New England issued a feast to which they...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    8 pm
    Something strange is happening in my head. Till 2 month. Like I heard a sound - but not with ears. Is it difficult to call it flow? Even the spinning washing machine has a different sound as...
  3. Re: Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit

    Such an impression that it is all directed. Manipulation on many levels. You will break one, the next level will appear. It's like levels in the game. And the game is about life

    History has been...
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    Re: Mind*@*@ & The Flyer Mind

    I wonder why the Main Square genre that loves the virtue of faith and love.....Claiming that he knows it perfectly....It is possible to lead the enemies of values that they themselves profess.....he...
  5. Re: Trimethylaluminum released in the atmosphere: What's with the EPA?

    I live in the small city at Poland - Kielce. But it seems to be much dirty in Europe. Smog, fuel tast. I often see a lot of streaks in the sky like a lattice. There are new planes in the sky that...
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