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  1. Re: Ticks, midges (sandflies) and mosquitoes - solutions to prevent being bitten by the suckers!

    Hi all,

    here in my area of SW Germany tics are a huge problem (all along the Rhine valley from Switzerland up to ca. Mannheim): we are infested with tics and they can carry Lyme disease as well as...
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    Re: Mike Adams interviewed by Dave Hodges

    this info is nothing new-

    this sort of info is what David Icke has been trying to inform people about for decades- until people GET IT and absorb it into their thick, dumbed-down cell/smart phone...
  3. Re: David Paulides on Bigfoot, Wild Men and Giants

    I've had too many freaky paranormal experiences in my life not to believe there are other dimensions out there- probably why I'm on Avalon-

  4. Re: David Paulides on Bigfoot, Wild Men and Giants

    another good researcher on the subject is British author Steph Young (a woman)- already written 10 books about this subject-

    I wish I could provide a link about this but I'm still trying to come...
  5. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed today.

    let's hope the report in the start of this thread is true-

    be well all-

  6. Re: German Chancellor Seen Shaking yet again....

    Merkel should be shivering in her boots; in my humble estimation this globalist/New World Orderist bent for the destruction of Germany's sovereignty is on the way out;

    so who will be next to take...
  7. Re: Exceptionally Powerful Volcanic Explosions and Activities

    ohh, Lordy, all!

    if Yellowstone should erupt good night nurse!

    be well all-

  8. Re: Dark Journalist interviews Graham Hancock in Cambridge GB

    I just started reading the book due to previous interviews with Hancock- absolutely riveting reading-

    Larry :-)
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    Re: Jay Weidner stirs a hornet's nest...

    since when has Jay Weidner been a dis-info agent?!

  10. Re: Political correctness is a New World Order agenda

    since when is political correctness NOT a a part of the NEW WORLD ORDER???!!!-

    this has been known for a looong time!-

    yes, 1984 accurately describes how it is being done in front of our very...
  11. Re: Notre-Dame cathedral: Firefighters tackle blaze in Paris

    why has the Vatican's silence on this event been so deafening?- anyone considered that yet?

  12. Re: Only a heckler can improve an evening with the money-grabbing Clintons

    I'm still not convinced the real Hillary Clinton is still alive; if her collapse at the WTC memorial wasn't staged (we shouldn't rule that out) I've very obviously noted (no, am not a sage, but I...
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    Re: First real picture of black hole revealed

    just today on Germain mainstream media (radio) was this announced-

    I just think this must be ancient news; for how long has this info been known?

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    Re: Do you know your Sift Score?

    I find this very disturbing-

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    Re: Chemtrails over Kazakhstan and Russia

    Germany is no ecception; chemtrails almost everyday

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    Re: Debunking Romantic Ideas About the Past


    and what kind of stench did the colonists smell when they reeked native Americans?

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    Re: Do you believe in Twin flames?

    if one is perceptive enough one can see through an individual/soul of a person (possible future life's partner?) within 72 hrs.- watch body language and not listen to rhetoric- talk is cheap but body...
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    then start with the German Turn und Taxis clan; I believe this clan /formerly known Torre e Tassos during the Renaissance/ has much more power than we can believe- and I believe this is all connected...
  19. Re: HUMANS' MAGNETIC SIXTH SENSE--Joseph P. Farrell

    all I can say to this is:

    I've had too many paranormal experiences in my life not to believe there are other dimensions out there;

    it's why I'm on this forum-

  20. Re: Did Mexican Giants predate Mayan and Aztec Culture

    in the 18th century photo-shopping didn't exist;

    but if one has read Richard Dewhurst's "The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America" with the subtitle "The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian...
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