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    I hear you. So many times I have posted some video or post relating to what is happening around us and in maybe 30 odd posts not ONE single like. Yet when I post what I had for breakfast or how many...
  2. Re: Help, Remote healing or Remote Viewing? Situation critical

    Did you try and get hold of a moderator? I think there are a lot of healers on Avalon, The moderators should be able to put you in contact with them. Praying for your safety and...
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    Re: Golden Gatherings With A Lust to Share

    I love the term "House of God". as if God only appeared in that particular place called a church or mosque or temple, why don't we consider the planet earth as the house of God? Maybe then we might...
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    Re: Feel like suicide.....

    I won't write long stories on what you should or should not do. I have one very simple question. I want to help, Hoiw can I help? Please, Please let me know.
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    You say: "As a young man I have visited Poland several times, and I also made a visit in Auschwitz, where I saw those big piles of cut off human hair.
    For me there is no doubt that great...
  6. Re: Aussie comedian goes to town on the 2nd amendment.

    TargetT Would you like to tell me how many gun shootings happen in Europe as compared to the U.S.?
    I agree that his arguements are spurious but do you really need guns? They have only one purpose,...
  7. Re: Karma nonsense vs a reptilian cast system in India

    Where did he travel to India from?
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    Re: So how stupid are the sheeple?

    Hello Catsquotl
    You are right humans are not sheep but are behaving like sheep, please read the post I was not laughing at the people I was laughing at the story and the comments. Sorry if it came...
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    So how stupid are the sheeple?

    I read this article and could not stop laughing, especially at the comments.
    Really, how...
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    Re: Have you ever seen a ufo?

    Unfortunately never, I so wish I could:p
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    Is this some kind of sick joke?

    The fraud that is Save the Children.
    If you have ever given or are considering donating to this sick organization, please read this first.
  12. Re: Strange Computer Code Discovered Concealed In Superstring Equations (Do we live in a Matrix?)

    where do yu get iboga?
  13. Re: Strange Computer Code Discovered Concealed In Superstring Equations (Do we live in a Matrix?)

    why should computer code reflecta model of real life in order to 'work'??
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    Education today

    found this really good article. worth reading.
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    Re: George Carlin on the environment

    How do I get rid of the rational thought process?
  16. The top censored stories of 2014 with Mickey Huff

    Found this really interesting.
  17. Re: Alfred Webre interviews Mehran Keshe: How World Peace can be a byproduct of Keshe Technolgy

    I agree with you RMorgan. I have read the first chapters of his first two books and at least to me there does not seem to be any scientific proof of anything. It is almost like a sci-fi book. A...
  18. Re: Ancient City in India Irradiated by Atomic Blast

    I highly doubt that a comet impact will result in such high levels of radioactvity though. And wouldn't a comet or asteroid impact leave a huge crater?
  19. Re: How to start a war and lose an empire: Full-spectrum warfare against Russia, and why it's backfiring in every possible way

    Excellent article, thank you.
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    Re: USA Bombing The $xit Out of You!

    Sorry NO, that is not the intent, the intent is to destroy another country that is friendly to Iran and Russia and decrease their regional power and make things easier for Israel. The missiles are...
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