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    Re: Two Suns in 2012

    I don't know about all this speculation about two suns.

    But our sun is going through some major changes that us humans have never seen before. And now scientist are saying that our sun will have...
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    Re: Scientific discoveries largley overlooked

    Thank you for this thread. This is what Avalon is all about.
    Higher thought.
    There are some very interesting concepts in the initial posted video that are so far from the inside the box thinking...
  3. Re: Dick Cheney's heart transplant at 71 spurs age debate

    This topic reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Marge is asked to paint portrait of Mr Burns. When an art critic sees the painting she says the following:

    He's bad, but he'll die. So I like...
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    Re: Near Death Experience, Dying To be Me

    Very good video. Thank you for sharing.
    I have always endorsed conquering fear and found this message on point. It is a hard thing to do in this world but i think through personal awareness we can...
  5. Re: 22 Mar 2012 - NASA Grail Returns First Student-selected Moon Images

    C'moooon NASA!!!!!!
    Just to let you know guys! Due to resent economic downturn NASA has switched to a new type craft and camera.

    NASA Quote "Both washing-machine-sized orbiters carry a small...
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    Re: Entities appear in video.

    This is hilarious!!!! I love it. HAhahahah!:happy::happy:
    It is so cheesy.
    Thanks for the laughs.::p
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    Re: That's it..! Mick Jagger, BB King, & Obama

    LOL. You need to relax. As a musician a paying gig is a paying gig.
    I don't understand why you are so pissed off at musicians.
    Are there people suffering ? Yes! Will there always be people...
  8. Re: A bad birdwatchers view on Texan fireworks

    Hello . This is an old video .
    The video was taken after a very bad high wind storm in the Dallas -Forthworth Metro-Plex area. You can clearly see the large area in the beginning of the video that...
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    Re: UFO Scout Ship Lands In New Mexico

    Hi guys I also work in the CGI and video world. To me this is a very poor example of a composite with bad camera tracking on the footage (ship moving about within the footage). Software keeps getting...
  10. Re: Repost of Triangle UFO Over Bolivia During Thunder Storm, Looks like a TR-3B

    Hey guys i hate to say this but the audio at the point of when the ufo appears is fake from a movie or a tv show from a clip that was uploaded in 2010.
    here is the link ...
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    Re: What would you suggest?

    May I suggest this.
    Don't take any videos.
    Let yourself be the guide.
    Unplug and Have fun!!!
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    Re: Hollistic For Hand Warts

    I can vouch for Apple cider vinegar.
    I had a wart turn black overnight with one application and fall off in a couple of weeks. The best home remedy i have ever found on the interwebs! :becky:
  13. Re: Alien communication interception.. Invasion imminent (Video)

    With all your respect.
    All this from a failed call? And a phone reboot?
    I would hate to be around this guy when his computer crashes and he has to reboot.
    His head will explode! :wacko:

  14. Re: Mauro Biglino: "The Book That Will Forever Change Our Ideas About The Bible - The Gods Coming From Space"

    You do know that the bible was written by man for man. God did not just magically summon pen paper and the thing wrote itself. Divine intervention through the hands of man (maybe)?.
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    Re: Three UFO Videos From Hilo Airport, Hawaii Dec 25, 2011 - Pres Obama Involved?

    Hello. Thank you for posting.
    I normally don't respond on this forum anymore due to living life and i don't call out a video for being fake or not. I usually keep it to myself now a days.
  16. Re: David Wilcock receives very serious death threat, after Fulford gets kidnapped

    Wow! The drama queens are out in full force on this thread and on this forum.
    Very little even remotely constructive.

    Goodby Dramafest!:drama:
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    Re: How is it possible? Warning! disturbing video

    While this may seem tragic at first view we must also look at this as an anomaly and consider it a miracle. If you consider the odds of this happening and life conquering against all odds. We have to...
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    Re: "Puzziling structures" found on YU55

    I searched to see if anyone had posted this , so forgive me if it has already been posted.
    Here is new short video of YU55 from NASA's GoldStone Radar System, November 7, 2011

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    Re: What Made You Happy Today?

    This video made my day today. It starts off with still pictures but the video is amazing.
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    Re: Drain the Ocean

    This was a great show. Great CG! Thanks for posting.
    The world we live is indeed a marvelous place full of wonder and spectacle. The Discovery channel is the only thing i miss from not watching...
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