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    Would God really send people to hell....

    I have schizophrenia and that's what the voices tell me. But there are spiritual sources that say there is no hell God sends people to. But then again there are other sources that say a hell exists...
  2. I wonder how much the US government really knows about aliens....

    there are a lot of crazy conspiracies out there and all of them are true. I wonder how much the government really knows. Have they really been in contact with other beings from other planets. Its...
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    Re: Battle for my soul?

    I know how you feel im in the same boat as you but maybe worse. Im schizophrenic and I hear and talk to voices. I take meds buts they still don't go away. The voices tell me im a demon and im...
  4. You can say the universe is intelligent design, but if it were an intelligence it would be an insane mind....

    You can say the universe has intelligent design, i think it does, but i think its more than intelligent design, its like detailed patterns that just repeat until infinity. Everything repeats itself...
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    Re: Devastating effects of hoaxers/cult leaders

    This is a very important post I think, thanks for posting
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    Is the Vedas' version of hell truth...?

    im researching hell because im schizophrenic and the voices tell me im going to hell. Which of coarse freaks me how my living life everyday is hard. Ive researched hell there is the bible version...
  7. Do you think it's reptilian aliens at the top of human sex trafficking...?

    who are the people at the top of the ring who control the operation. I know it has to be very rich powerful people but who are these people. Its like they are hidden. Do you think the Vatican has...
  8. Re: Another UFO Article about US Navy Sightings

    ya I saw this story twice on fox news yesterday and the other day a story on fox news that the pentagon admitted investigating ufos. That's 2 ufo stories on main stream media within a week.
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    Re: Medicinal Sugar

    I have to agree, and share the same view as you that if sugar feels good it probably is good for you. To much of anything can be bad but you just need the right amount and some people might need...
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    Re: Joe Rogan Exposed?

    Joe rogan is one of the few real people out there to trust for watching for truth. This video this kid made is just all made up bs. You cant believe every accusation everyone makes on the internet....
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    Re: Vatican Crimes

    how old were you when you were raped by them, just curious.....
  12. Model found dead who was going to expose the sex traffic industry...tied to vatican

    There have been so many stories lately about the Vatican and catholic church and there molestation. Priests all...
  13. Is it possible that one day we are going to wake up in the morning and there will be 10,000 UFOs in the skies?

    all around the world. Maybe one day just like any other day we wake up turn on the news and there are UFOs sitting in the sky all around the world. Being broadcast on TV all around the world.
  14. Re: $15 NY min. wage already causing layoffs, reduced hours, higher prices

    I live in NY and its almost impossible to get an apartment here . Everything is just so expensive even on 15 dollars an hour. Its ridiculous
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    I think a mass extinction event depends on the timeline that earth is on at the time that we cross a certain point. Id say back in the 70s the earth was on a destructive path on the time line. I...
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    Yes that's the question, why are they covering it up. Probably to try and maintain religious control in the world and to keep the truth from the people in the world. I think its important we know...
  17. Re: Protesters demand California Democratic megadonor Ed Buck's arrest amid second man found dead in his apartment

    its amazing what rich people get away with, you can almost buy your way out of any crime you commit. He would have been arrested if he wasn't rich....
  18. Re: Can Dolores Cannon's work be trusted as truth?

    Thanks greybread, I have a follow up question, if a person ends up in hell and you say its an illusion are you saying it isn't real. Can the hell be eternal or forever, or is the person bound to...
  19. Can Dolores Cannon's work be trusted as truth?

    Dolores Cannon the hypnotist who claims when she put people under they gave messages from the peoples spirit guides and messages from the other side. It is hypnosis so im a skeptical about it cause...
  20. So Free Masons are Stone Masons and all the ancient structures were built in stone?

    I just get a feeling that there is a connection with Free Masons and the ancient civilizations that built everything by stone. Maybe that is why they identify themselves as stone masons because they...
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