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  1. Re: Scotland Decides on 18th Sept, Independence or not.

    What advantages would you have as a Scottish national living in an independent nation Billy???

    Thanks aheb for your post, it makes sense to give Scotland it's long forgotten freedom from...
  2. Thread: Isis

    by seko

    Re: ISIS supposedly in Ciudad, Juarez Mexico to attack the US!!

    The Mexican drug lords are all about money and power. ISIS has money and can promise power. It would be like an alignment of two Mafia families, if everybody cooperates, everybody profits.[/QUOTE]...
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    Re: Spider occult symbolism...?

    I think spiders and snakes and very interesting species and we shouldn't be afraid of them, they don't need to harm any human.

    If you observe them, see how they behave and what they do, you'll...
  4. Re: Malaysian Plane MH17 shot down with over 295 on board. But by who?

    I'm going to put this info on the table, may be it does have something to do with Malaysia, may be not.
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    Re: EX French President under police custody

    Blair is next in the queue. :rolleyes:
  6. Re: Benign Masochism: Pleasure In the Pain of Chilies

    Some good advice from someone that eats a lot of chillies including Habaneros.....chillies are not to be eaten like the woman in the video, they are way better mixed with some other ingredients like...
  7. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III

    I'm bumping this post about the analysis of the situation in Ukraine by this senior russian academic.
  8. Re: "Divine" Pagan Icon Found Worldwide rewrite history and reveals Lost Golden Age

    This symbolism represents the knowledge of the human brain and the third eye. You need to be able to understand both sides of your brain, find a balance between your right and left brain or...
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    Re: NEW POPE - PR move?

    Don't pay too much attention to them, they might get your energy without you know in it.

    It's a PR move like you said.

    I'm sure we have enough work to do within ourselves.
  10. Re: Can we live longer just by thinking about it??

    That seems to be right Aranuk. If you have a strong intent you will make it happen.
    Getting to eat clean and natural food, breathing deeply and clean air will help us more in achieving this.
  11. Can we live longer just by thinking about it??

    Hello all.

    The majority of people die before they reach a 100 years of age. Is it because we are use to seeing people die before that age... are we programmed to believe that idea?
    How about if...
  12. Thread: RIP Lou Reed

    by seko

    Re: RIP Lou Reed

    Sweet Jane -Lou Reed with Metallica.

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    Re: Exceptional psychic abilities in exceptional people

    This is consistent with my experience. Any incidents of astounding metaphysical occurrence have been singular, involving several unestablishable variables. No 2-time 'spontaneous' healers from what...
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    Re: A new way to look at what it means to serve.....

    I can see the word god on your company's logo.... nice. Where does idea of your logo come from??
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    Re: A new way to look at what it means to serve.....

    Thank you for sharing dpwishy. You are helping some of us while sharing your story:eek:

    Don't abandon the ship yet , see how far you can get and how many people you can help in this time of...
  16. Thread: Barack Obama 2013

    by seko

    Re: Obama to Resign Over Terrorgate Pending Congressional Charges of Conspiracy and Treason

    Before it's news is not trust worthy, if remember well it is part of Soorcha faal.

    Obama will not resign. Unfortunately.
  17. Re: Canada - Conservatives getting into the pot market - $1.3B industry

    If the government can do that, they can get away with anything. They will basically take over the brand new industry of healing with cannabis.

    This is a dictatorship, not a government with a free...
  18. Re: Fukushima breaking news, the Orchestrators OF THE COVER UP

    where, what cancer and how many.

    this statement is a logical fallacy, appeal to emotion.

    Lets use Logic people, this is a highly manipulated topic.

    in many, many ways.[/QUOTE]

  19. Re: Bob Geldof to be 'first Irishman' in space as he books on $100,000-a-seat private flight

    Oh god, please let him stay there for the sake of the universe :rolleyes:
  20. Re: THE SYRIA SITUATION : NEWS + UPDATES (merged threads)

    What a load of freaking rubbish!!

    This person (John Kerry) is a liar big time.

    Hearing so many lies made me feel sick.
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