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  1. Re: Julian Assange's old website, (pre-Wikileaks)


    I wish to make it clear that my comments about JA's childhood were not meant to be taken as an ad hominem attack, even though I have much less respect for someone who is proud...
  2. Re: Julian Assange's old website, (pre-Wikileaks)

    Thanks for the heads-up, ponda.

    No, I wasn't aware that Assange gave all his stuff away to be distributed how and when the media see fit.

    Agreed, that's just my opinion after seeing the...
  3. Re: Julian Assange's old website, (pre-Wikileaks)

    If you are asking how do I think what we know about him influences the information he has released, I would say he relishes playing his cards very close to his chest, not letting the right hand know...
  4. Re: Julian Assange's old website, (pre-Wikileaks)

    I'm also surprised that in this excellent thread no one has yet raised the matter of his association with The Family, a cult run by Anne-Hamilton Byrne. This was alluded to by Webster Tarpley in the...
  5. Re: Julian Assange's old website, (pre-Wikileaks)

    I have great sympathy for anyone such as JA brave enough not only to blow a whistle, but to publish as much as he has.

    The above posts reveal him to be quite bright. However, Mendax is Latin for...
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